Drop The GPS – You Are Losing Your Orientation

GPS is of great help to individuals who easily forgets their way. It is an acronym for “Global Positioning System”. This system was created by the United States Department of Defense in order to help the military navigate their way through any parts of the world under certain circumstances. But as of today, this highly-used military equipment is now being used by common individuals for a lot of purposes. There are several advantages which this system can offer, but there are disadvantages as well.


Negative Effects Of Using GPS

The use of GPS may be very helpful to most individuals but the most important downside of this system is that it creates a human being who is the most intelligent specie in the world to be dependent on a single device. It will increase the dependency of individuals when it comes to directions. Most will rely on this system and will never ever bother to try and see for themselves the wonders that their memory can show.

There are also instances that GPS fails due to numerous factors. If this fails, what are you going to do? The answer would be to wait for help or wait for it to work again. It is best to rely on a map for directions rather than relying on a device.

A lot of people also use GPS which operates on a battery device, there will always come a time that the battery will fail or drain itself. What you need is to carry a power supply. Carrying this external power supply will only add up to your luggage weight. Also, there are times when the signals presented by the GPS you bought are not that accurate because of some obstacles like trees, buildings, and other atmospheric conditions that can hinder you in acquiring the desired signal.

GPS can also cause potential hazards because most individuals who are using this system is either driving alone or with someone who doesn’t have a know-how on operating the system. You will more likely to encounter an accident because your concentration is diverted. The temptation to key or enter some data is always present. Don’t let your attention be divided when driving. Stop and look for the right direction.

Most individuals believe that a lot of people can be oriented easily while others cannot. But, if you ponder on it for a long time, you will soon realize that each and everyone can learn how to orient themselves in a city or even in the wilderness. The GPS that you are so fond of using in your smartphone is making your brain as lazy as you can ever think of. The more you use this technology, the more you become weak at navigating your way to your destination. Turn off that GPS and start looking around you. The more you raise your head from your phone, the more you will notice that you can easily remember the direction and other landmarks that can guide you to reach your destination. You will be able to recognize the environment more than you imagine you could. Avoid that GPS as much as possible and experience how your brain can remember things.


Time For A Crisis Plan – How To Deal With A Crisis In Your Business

If you find your business at the center of a big crisis scenario, all you have to do is think straight, ask for help, and relax. What happens when you did not prepare for that scenario? Well, the only solution is to make a crisis plan before doing anything else. The following are some of the ideas I have in mind to help you deal with a crisis in your business.


Planning And Management

Since you don’t have a crisis management plan before, now is the time to make one. Just make sure not to commit the same mistake again. You should always bear in mind that when having a business, especially when it’s a big one, a crisis management plan must be thoroughly planned. Manage everything in your business and hire experts as soon as possible to lessen that crisis. You also need to put everything in writing so that you will not commit the same mistake all over again.

See to it that everyone in your workplace or every employee you work with knows what to do every time your business will experience a crisis. Since the crisis is inevitable, you just need to train your employees or plan with your co-workers on how to handle it.


Quick Response

As what was stated before, you need to hire an expert if you are not tight on your budget. You need to respond quickly to that crisis before it will ruin all of the work you have done to put up that business. Delaying the response to the crisis will only make it bigger. It will be big enough to consume your business if not attended to.

In your responses, you also need to be direct. Avoid any indirect actions that will send a wrong signal to other people. Indirect acts will only cause another crisis on your plate.


Point Person

Since you deal with most of the management and other concerns, you need to choose a person who will be in charge with looking for a solution to that certain crisis. You can even assign several individuals to make things easier for you. Delegate your responsibilities as far as you can so that it won’t be hard on your part. No man is built a robot. You should always remember that a help from another person will make things better. Just make sure that the person you chose or assigned can be trusted and has the personality or attitude to do everything he can to make things better.

Be Open

When you are undergoing a crisis in your business, you should always remember not to close your thoughts from the several suggestions or ideas that might solve your problem. Pride and being hard-headed will only contribute to the stress and the downfall of your business.

You can even read other crisis management books, articles, and other documents that will help you gain knowledge on how to solve your problem. You can even attend different seminars or enter different online forums so that you will be able to look for ideas and solutions.

You can also conduct a brainstorming activity with your employees or co-workers. Two heads are better than one, right? It will greatly help you in looking for the right solution to solve the problem. You can even list down the solution you and other people have made with its pros and cons for your business.

Don’t Strain, Just Relax

It may be natural to look haggard and drained out every time you experience a crisis in your business, but it will never justify anything. You need to take good care of yourself and relax. Exercise as much as you can if you have time and eat a healthy diet so that you will have the energy you need when facing that crisis. A good exercise and a healthy diet will aid in your memory. It will increase and help in the way you think.

You need to remember that there are a lot of persons depending on your capacity. It will make it easier for you to let them down if you are not in a good shape. Try to focus on yourself first and then address the problem with all the energy and knowledge you have.

There are a lot of ways on how to manage a crisis in your business. It is just a matter of knowledge and time.


How To Create Viral Content That Rocks

If high-quality content is hard to attain, how much more will it be to attain a viral content? Well, if you look at it in the same context, once you have high-quality content, it will only be a matter of time for it to become viral. Since not all high-quality content articles become viral, you need to remember that timing is very important.


You should also bear in mind the moment when you became a better content writer. You can use that in order to motivate you while you are writing your content. You can also use all the knowledge you have learned during those years of hardships and make use of it to create a high-quality or viral content.


Every writer knows that a headline or a title plays a crucial role in writing a content since it is through this headline where people usually get attracted. The main purpose of your headline has been just to aid the readers to read and scan through the first sentence of your article or post.

In order to make your article viral you must know the things which most people do not know yet. Once they have knowledge about your headline, your readers will no longer bother to read the first line. You need to tell them something they do not know yet.

Also, you can challenge your reader’s belief. Do the opposite if you can. Although it will require more effort, at least your content will have a greater possibility to become viral. You might as well offer your readers a hidden insight in order to tickle their minds and be driven by the urge to finish reading your article.

Though asking questions is a very cliché thing to do, there are still a lot of individuals who get attracted to this kind of headline or introduction because the question makes it easier for them to think that this article is the perfect one.

In addition to your headline, you can also list down some interesting and mind-blowing facts that will catch the attention of most people who are reading your article. Make sure that the pieces of information you are sharing have valuable insights and not just silly things with no meanings.

To entice your readers more in coming back to your website and to look forward for something new to their eyes, you can offer a marvelous teaser at the later part of your post. It is also important that what you are offering interests your readers or that they care to know about the answer. Don’t just talk about something irrelevant and useless.


The body of your article or post is as important as your headline. You need to make your readers keep on reading or else you will never gain the loyal ones. Don’t go around circles. You have to be straightforward. No more jibber-jabber about something that will only cause your reader to regret that they even considered reading inside your website.

Make it more personal. You have to touch those inner feelings and emotions of your readers so that they will be more attached to your content. They will even share it with others if they consider it relevant and significant. You have to remember that viral contents are mostly contents which can reconnect with individuals. No one would share a boring and an irrelevant article. Give the readers what they want and what they want to feel when reading your post or article.


One of the best parts about reading is that you do not know how it will end. From the beginning, make your readers wonder and wonder until they can reach the end of your article. In this way, their attention will not be diverted and they will continue on reading your post or article no matter what.

Take for example how movies produce their ending. If you have watched the movie Inception, you will have that urge not to stop or cut the movie because you have some important errands to go to. You will stay with the movie until it is done because of the fact that you are eager to know how the movie ends. Viral Articles are like movies. People have that urge to stay put and finish it until the end.

You can also summarize the post in order to make things easier for your readers. Summarization will also help in cases where your readers are confused with what exactly is the right and preferred way. Do not ever forget to focus on the article’s practicality and usefulness for the readers. Give your readers the importance that they deserve. You need also to bear in mind to always activate the high-arousal emotions of your readers.


In making a good video, it is important that there is good audio quality so as not to ruin your video. At the same time, good narration with coupled with extraordinary voice-over skill is as important as having a good audio quality. You don’t need to hire a professional just so you can have good voice-over skills in your video. It will only let you shed out lots of money if you hire one. Just take these 10 ways on how to build your voice-over skills.


Discover Your Voice

In today’s generation, voice over focuses more on the casual and conversational type of skill. Gender no longer matter since every individual is capable to adjust their voices just like that of the opposite gender. Try to find your voice by simply portraying some of the voices of the actors in the movies. You can practice it and you will be able to know where your voice belongs.

No One Goes To The Battle Untrained

It is also crucial that you need to have knowledge on the material before your recording starts. You need to read the material several times so as to avoid any slurred phrases and in order for you to familiarize yourself with how it is constructed and how it should be portrayed. Proportion the time you spend on practicing with the time of the actual video project. Long video project requires long and thorough practice.

Listen To The Playback

When you are speaking normally, it may be fine to listen when it is in person, but once it has been recorded it may seem very different. It will be a good start if you will be able to find the equilibrium between your enunciation and natural speech. Record your voice in any recording device and listen to the playback. Observe the enunciation, intonation, indistinct words, and slurred phrases. Once you have done that, practice it over and over again until you can catch that perfect narration or voice-over. It may seem funny at first, but you will see the difference and changes in your voice if you continue on recording it and changing the quality of your voice.

The Right Gear

You can never deny the fact that what makes a good audio quality is the best equipment. To some, all they need is a pocket recorder, a pair of headphones, and a windscreen. But, some people who are fond of the traditional approach use computer software, separate microphone, and an audio interface to perfect their video project. When it comes to USB microphones, the world market offers a huge array of choices with different prices and quality.


When you deliver a voice over, you should make sure that you are in a standing position because it will help your voice. It will let you breathe more freely and makes you speak consistently and clearly.

Relax And Breathe

You need to relax before and during you are performing a voice-over so as not to exaggerate or downgrade any script that can ruin the video project. You need to exercise your breathing in order not to affect your voice-over. Some microphones can be very sensitive; it can even record your breathing while you are doing a voice-over. While you are practicing your script, you can determine the portions where you can take a breath.

Look For The Ummm Sound

Be careful with umm, uhh, and ahh because it will not give your video project any advantages. It will be alright if your project is more on the conversational type because it will make it look and sound natural. But if your video project does not focus on that aspect, make sure to eliminate those sounds.

Your Health Is Important

Once you have a schedule to do a voice-over, make sure to stay away from coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol because it will impair your voice quality. Cold beverages are likewise to be avoided. You should also drink a liter of water every day to avoid dehydration and never deprive yourself of sleep. A vocal warm-up is also important before you get started with your recording.

Script Editing

While you are undergoing your recording, you should also remember that it is not always good to stick to your script. Although it may be important in order not to lose sight of your focus, allowing to edit the script as the recording goes can be very helpful.

Vocal Inflection

For the first timers, you will more likely to experience vocal inflection. Don’t worry, it is absolutely normal. What you need to do is to learn how to control your voice tone. It may be hard, but you can do it if you just put your mind into it.

You need to learn these top 10 important things when it comes to voice-over because at some point you will have to create a video by performing a voice over by yourself. It will save you money everytime your narrator gets sick or everytime you will be tight on your budget. Do it yourself and see the difference.


Fight The Voices Of Despair And Win

Despair in literal sense means losing hope or simply without hope. This word has brought that nostalgic element around where I can recall my school song which taught us to never despair. We are human beings and we are never immune to thoughts which are negative, there are thoughts of despair which lead us towards darkness and tell us to believe in the demonic sides of life. These thoughts break us from within and do not let us concentrate on building a better future. In a few days of time we tend to get accustomed to such thoughts and choose to live a life which has lack of energy and positivity. One such thought of despair which maximum of is go through is getting a physically stronger and fitter.


Something or the other provokes us to not to work on our physical selves, we immediately want to shrug off the idea of going out to the gym or a fitness center. These voices create an illusion in our minds where sleeping and having junk food looks attractive. What we need to do is fight these voices out of our minds so that we can plan a healthy and active tomorrow.

One of the most common sentences that you come across is “health is wealth”, but then people tend to forget it. We are so very busy with our lives that we rather choose to procrastinate the idea of joining a gym and shedding those extra calories. There is one more problem which the newer generation is facing and that is the love for junk food and television. In many of the homes you will find children sticking to their televisions and having junk food like chips, pastries, child drinks etc.

The other common problems that we see these days include sleeping late at night and then waking up late and finding some or the other reason for not working out or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All of these problems are associated with that one negative voice in our heads which tells us not to go out, it gives us every reason to stay inactive and it will only teach us to lead a life of a pessimist.

The only way to tackle this problem is by fighting back. One needs to use his determination and spirit to nullify these voices from coming in. One needs to introspect and motivate himself to get up and go out to make himself healthier than ever. Each and every time when somebody tells you not to do it, show that person hundred reasons why you want to do it. Join a gym or a fitness center of your choice and make it a point of being regular. Your bed might call you to stay back but that is when you need to get up and go. In the first few days you might not find it easy or you might not find it any useful, but with time you will realize how good a decision you have taken by deciding to see yourself fitter. A fit person does not lack anywhere in life.

Today things are very hectic and important but if you are not fit then it will be difficult for you to manage them properly. The voices of despair will drown as and when you decide to get stronger. The power of positivity has the capacity to take a person to greater heights and success.

Exposed The Deadly Secrets Of The Sugar Industry

Sugar, the so called “sweet poison” is a controversial subject. In the past, it was believed that sugar has little to do with gaining weight whereas fats were the main things to blame. As scientific research advanced, more was discovered about how our body process sugar.


How much sugar should we eat?

The recommended dose of added sugar per day is 6-9 tsps. which is the equivalent of 25-38 grams. The average American consumes much more than that. For example, a can of coke contain 39 grams of sugar, but let’s face it, we drink more than one can of coke per day.

As you can see one single can of soda already reached the top limit of sugar intake. However, sodas are not the only ones to continue lots of sugar. If you eat one regular size Snickers bar you get 30 grams more. If you add that to the can of coke, you have eaten twice the recommended amount.

Insulin resistance

When you eat high quantities of sugar at once, insulin is necessary to introduce the glucose excess inside the cells thus decreasing the glycaemia (the amount of glucose in the blood). As time passes, the same amount of insulin is no longer enough to lower the glycaemia to normal levels.

As a result, the pancreas forces itself to produce more insulin to get rid of all the glucose excess. This process is called insulin resistance and is the reason why type 2 diabetes appears.

Overloading your liver

Sugar is made of one part glucose and one part fructose. The latter is independent of insulin and is metabolized differently by the liver. Fructose is rapidly turned into fat especially when glycogen deposits are high. If you eat a lot of fructose you end up with a fatty liver. The disease is known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Remember that the fructose in sugar is bad while the one in fruits is ok. It is quite difficult to eat so many fruits that you overload your liver with fructose. A cause for this fact is that fruits contain fibers which slow the intestinal absorption of fructose.

Gaining weight

Your liver is not the only one that gets fat when you eat too much sugar. Sugar brings empty calories and does not promote satiety. Fructose has a reduced effect on decreasing the hunger hormone called ghrelin. Therefore, you keep eating.

There wouldn’t be such a big problem if you ate nutrient rich foods. Thing is that sugar is highly addictive because it causes a dopamine release in the brain. So, you would be eating even more sweets. See the loop?

Increased heart disease risk

Until recently, fat was thought to be the major cause of heart disease. However, it’s been proved that saturated fat is harmless. High amounts of fructose raise triglycerides and LDL cholesterol which are to blame for atherosclerosis and the consequent myocardial infarction that occurs when the passage in the coronary arteries that supply the heart is too narrowed for proper blood flow.

The Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

Are you overtly stressed to the point that you feel you are losing your mind? Or your partner’s incessant complains of your inability to perform up to standard is already making you feel less than a man? If you fall into any of these groups or yours is another problem related to how the body works, yoga might just be all you need to break free and have your confidence once again.


You must be asking yourself right now what yoga is and how you can begin practicing it already. Well I can tell you many breath taking yoga stories and still not say how yoga can help you. So am just going to tell you what it is about and move straight to how yoga can be of benefit to you and what type you can do.

Yoga simply deals with the following: breathe control exercises, meditation, postures (Asanas) and flexibility. These are put together to give you a better control of your body for you to live a healthy and fulfilled life. So here are some things of the great things yoga can do for you:

Benefits of Yoga Exercises

Different people engage in yoga for different reasons. The benefits are unlimited so I am just going to discuss a few that will speak to a lot of people.

Weight loss: If you are looking for an alternative way to get rid of that excess weight you’ve got aside normal regular exercises, you should try yoga and you will be amazed at the kind of result you will see in a short while.

Body cleansing to make you feel and smell better: Just like normal exercise, yoga exercises helps the body remove toxic wastes through sweating as you practise the different poses hence creating self-confidence.

Improved sexual ability: A lot of men suffer from quick ejaculation and it always leaves them feeling less than the men they should be. Yoga addresses this issue by reducing the anxiety in the body and increasing the blood flow around the body.

Yoga poses for beginners: As a beginner, you can go register in a yoga class or can start gradually practicing at home all by yourself. Below ere are 4 yoga poses that a beginner can perform.

4 Yoga Poses for Beginners

Baddhakon asana (bound angle pose): This is a seated yoga pose that benefits mostly the hips.

Halasana (plough pose): This pose addresses the flexibility and strength of the back muscles and strengthens the spinal cord too. It has also been proven to be very useful in the treatment of abdominal related issues.

Bhujangasana (cobra pose): This pose positions the body to look like a cobra when in practice; it is very effective if you are looking to lose some weights.

Trikonasana (triangle pose): This pose makes the body to take the form of a triangle. It helps reduce anxiety and regulates the bloods pressure and also improves the general concentration level of the practitioner.

There are thousands of practical yoga poses on the internet that you can work with at home, but it is advisable to get a yoga teacher so as to know the techniques behind the poses to prevent causing body injuries to yourself or you can just register in a good yoga school to get started.





5 Types of Blog Posts That Will Help Your Traffic Shoot through the Roof

The business of blogging requires more than passion; it asks for constant hard work in the industry, innovation in the blog and better engagement with the visitor. To bring innovation in the blog and increase reader interaction with the blog, right hard work is to find the topics and subjects that attract the visitors. Here is a list of five topics that can attract your blog huge traffic.


Interview Post

If you can manage to conduct and share interview of an expert in your blog niche, the post is sure to have more visits. Find someone who is expert in your niche and interview him/her for their insight over a topic in the industry. Remember, publishing an interview of a person who is not directly related your blog niche will annoy your loyal visitors and may also lose some of them.

So, find an expert working in the same field as you are and publish their interview on your blog. To get the best out of that post, plan marketing and invest good time marketing that post. Read more about interview and blog traffic here.

The Expert Roundup

Expert round up is the next level of interview. In an expert roundup post, you collect the opinion from the industry leaders and experts, synthesize it (or not) and publish it on your blog.

The edge of expert roundup is that it collects many established opinions and visitor can read all the authentic opinions over the topic in one place. This video can help you create a better expert roundup post.

How to Articles

When we analyze the queries Google receive for online search, “how to” articles appear as a great source of traffic. The catchy prefix of ‘how to’ for every online query about a process falls into the net of ‘how to’ articles. Writing ‘how to’ blog post is not very difficult. The composition may be changed but you can use the same content as you use in ‘non-how to’ posts.

Top List Posts

Top list posts are like “Top 10 Indian Rice Recipe” or “Top 15 ways to blog….”. If you can create a top list or a good list of resources, you can get huge traffic with it. Think about niche and pick a topic that you think people will search for in the ‘top list” format. If you can create quality content, any list post will be fruitful for your blog. Here is what it takes for a quality top list post.

The Resource Article

A resource article is the one that collects and states many a resources about a topic. This is a type of informative blog post that leads to many other similar informative posts.

Resource articles are difficult to create and require extensive knowledge about the topic. But if you are able to create a resource article, that blog post will not only bring new unique visitors but also the interaction of the readers with the post will also increase. Further, such posts develop the credibility of a blog. Quick Sprout is a great example of success with resource articles.

If you are scared to make mistakes then let someone else make the decisions… but don’t be upset at the results.

Sometimes, some of us give our right to decide to others. The matter can be small and unimportant sometimes like going to a certain restaurant but it can also affect life and well-being if the decision is about relationship or financial management.


People often given their small decisions to others thinking that they will make decision when the time comes for a big decision. At the time of that decision, they feel like they have lost the power to make decision and someone else should make decision for them. This feeling comes from only two factors; fear and freedom.

The freedom you enjoy when you hand over some decision to others gives you satisfaction and sense of exemption. You feel that you have no burden if the decision goes wrong. But in fact, when their decision does not satisfy you, you become the most depressed and unhappy person with that decision. The freedom to avoid making decision has high price.

The price of this freedom is paid in later decisions when you are not given a choice and you are perceived that you will not make that decision. In this way, your wellbeing and your financial freedom fall into the hands of others. As you had told them that you were good with their decisions, you would also lose the right to complain.

The other factor that makes people hand over their decisions is the fear of a false decision. This fear and sense of liberty go hand in hand in the phenomenon of not-making-your-decisions-yourself. This fear teaches you self-underestimation and asks you to make others decide for you. This self-underestimation is always a hoax. If you are under some fear about the final result of your decision, consider the scenario if someone else makes that decision. If you, who have complete information about the matter at hand, cannot bet your judgement, why should you rely on someone else’s decision when they do not even have complete information?

Mind builds the myths of fear and freedom on false grounds. People with weaker self-confidence falls prey to these hoaxes. If you love to complain about things, chances are you will never take your decisions in your hand. A negative mind does not look for solution but they look for more negativity so they could keep complaining.

Taking your decisions in your hand can do wonders for you. The moment you realize your power and the authority you can exercise on your future, things start turning around. The power that makes you invincible comes with your trait of making decisions for yourself. If you could exercise your powers fully, you can become invincible. No outer influence can damage you and hurt you then. The self-belief of holding ultimate power on your life has no parallel.Your invincibility comes from your exercise of this power. The real freedom is this power not the window that you used to escape decisions. Don’t let fearof results or freedom of escaping consequences make you surrender your powers.

Have You Considered Doing a Flipbook?

Do you remember when you were still a kid and you had this tiny little book with all the drawings on each page which is a little bit similar to the other the only difference are the actions? This tiny book with drawings you made or was given to you is called the flip book. It is kind of a book which portrays a series of pictures or drawings that varies gradually from the first page until the end so that if you turn the pages rapidly, it will appear that the pictures are simultaneously moving in a motion that can attract every child. It is usually an illustrated book for the use of children, but it is sometimes used by adults or some individuals who employ series or different photographs instead of using drawings.


Because of the advent of technology, these flip books which were experienced and known to you when you were a child are now made available. A lot of websites or software packages allow every individual to convert their digital video files into a flip book and they customize it as much as they want.

All About Flipbook

If you have not encountered the term nor are you familiar with it, the so-called Flipbook is some sort of an HTML page which is able to stimulate the different behaviors of the digital magazine that is now in its existence. Users can now read the contents of their books or other articles by simply flipping the pages just like that of a real magazine or book.

Online Flipbook allows you to create a lot of several books and magazines. It has several applications in order to serve its purpose and to create a flip book that is customized and desired by you. You can also use it to present your catalogs or products with style.

The best thing about this flipbook is that as long as you are able to place the contents you have made in a PDF, there are numerous tools that can easily convert it to a flipbook without you doing anything but to click buttons. What you need to do is to upload that PDF file and the tool, website, or software will do the rest. There can be several sites that will convert your PDF file to HTML5 Flipbooks.

Flipbook Online Tools

You can check out FlipSnack, html flipbook, and flipb to help you convert your PDF files to a whole new and stylish flipbook. A lot of people enjoy flipping pages rather than scrolling the pages without any style. Thus, because of these interests and enjoyment, a mobile app called Flipboard was created. It will allow you to access your flipbooks in your smart phones and other devices.

There is a lot of flipbook software available in the internet but you need to choose the right kind for you. Make sure that the page flipping effect, support of the flipbook of your device, interactive elements, cloud storage, and the quality customer service is being considered before you purchase a flipbook software.