The Ice Cave

Miya's Voyage Aboard Serenity

As we walked up I stood in awe.
I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was to see a mountain so close and the ice cave underneath.
It looked like a painting done on the walls of a dome.
So beautiful it was hard not to think of it as an illusion,
the water and the fog making the details look like brush strokes.
I felt like I could walk up to it and tear off the wallpaper to reveal the metal encasing underneath.

When I was inside the ice cave it was magical.
The textures and the colors,
the smell and the cold crisp feeling of the air.
The light.

While inside we heard the roar of an avalanche,
if was as if we were standing in the belly of the beast listening to it growl with hunger.
The snow came down the opening in the back of the cave…

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My top hikes of 2014

Pursuit of Life


My top hikes of 2014 are a diverse group that includes places in the west of the United States such as national parks and also locales more closely located to home in Colorado. They range from strenuous to moderate in difficulty level and from arid deserts to lush alpine forests.  It was another fantastic year for hiking indeed! May 2015 bring even more exploration!

Number 10: Angels Landing/West Rim Trail, Zion National Park, Utah


Angel’s Landing is perhaps the most iconic hike in Zion National Park. Beginning from The Grotto, the trail ascends steeply in a series of long switchbacks before finally arriving at the engineering marvel of Walter’s Wiggles, which is a series of 21 extremely steep switchbacks in a row.  Upon reaching the top of the landing, the trail extends another 0.5 miles along a very narrow and steep trail with 1000 foot drop-offs.

Number 9: American Lakes, Fort…

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5 Things to Know About Hiking the Canadian Rockies

Hiking Essentials

There are 5 main things to understand concerning hiking the Canadian Rockies that may build or break your expertise. The Canadian Rockies embrace Banff national park, opaque gem park, Yoho Park, and Kootenay Park in Alberta. They are vaster and wilder than most of America’s parklands, snoot being ready may ruin your trip, or maybe your life.

First of all, its grizzly country, thus should be ready to manage that danger. Grizzly bears, though represented as human-obsessed monsters in widespread media, can really do their best to avoid men. But if they are hungry or protective their young, they do not have any drawback for approaching or challenging humans. So lets pack your best hiking boots for hiking in this rockies.

The Glacier at Lake Louisein the Canadian Rockies The Glacier at Lake Louisein the Canadian Rockies

It is important to hold your food, cook in numerous garments than you sleep in, droop your cookery garments beside the food, do not place something in your tent with you that’s scented, noise once hiking through thick brush particularly in wet graceful areas, and eventually if you encounter a grizzly do not panic. If you come back face to face with one in every of these majestic animals, keep calm and walk heavily away. If they charge, stand your ground, do not look them within the eyes, and speak sedately to them. Do not rush at any cost.

Second, you will be crossing glaciers because the Canadian Rockies’ high country is plagued by giant glaciers…

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