Do’s and Dont’s of Composing Creative Jingles

Creative Jingles have always been a great tools for marketing and branding, any big brand I think about has a Jingles going on for him. AIG, Coca Cola, Verizon and a lot of big names has Great Jingles. Creative jingles are a long and complex and if you do want to create one you better go over the does and don’t of it.

Dos and Donts Jingles Final

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Day 1: Carlisle to Gilsland

The Walking Gardener

(16th March 2014 – 18½ + 1½ miles)

The Howard Lodge (a central B&B I’d stayed in before) served me up a fine breakfast of poached eggs and fruit salad (separate plates) and a remarkably horrid jam in a plastic tub.  But, that unfortunate jam aside, it’s a friendly, comfortable and affordable bed.  I was away by 8.30 and almost immediately noticed that all the shops were shut.  (I’m a very observant person).  Walking day after day it is easy to lose track of days and I’d forgotten that my first on the Hadrian’s Wall Path was a Sunday.  My plans to buy lunch at a decent sandwich bar crumbled to dust and, sniffling, I hurried out of Carlisle, hoping that I’d find vittles on the path.  And wishing I’d ordered a bigger breakfast.


After half a mile or so of city walking and passing through a couple of underpasses…

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Ice Falls Day Trip 2015

Waterfalls Hiker

I nearly missed this opportunity! As we suffered through one of the coldest periods in recent memory, wonderful photos of normal waterfalls transformed into unique ice sculptures, carved only by the fastest of the moving waters began to show on Social Media everywhere. I had a Sunday all set up to get out into the far southwest NC, and a rough list of 10-12 waterfalls that I planned to visit.

The problem that I encountered, that put my ice falls trip in jeopardy, was warming temperatures. Saturday, the day before my trip, temps rose above freezing for the first time in nearly a week. It was a hard freeze too, with two nights getting below 0 in many locations. The Sunday that I was there, the mercury shot up well up into the 50’s touching 60 while I was briefly in South Carolina. That type of temperature change…

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Help! I need somebody!

Jesse's Long Walk


Friends, family, strangers, lovers, others:

This whole PCT thing….I’m gonna need some help. The help I’ll need falls loosely into a couple of categories.

The first is Moral Support. This can be accomplished by visiting this blog, liking posts, maybe sharing them, and leaving me comments. I’ll be checking it every couple of days while I’m out there hiking, and a friendly word just might carry me through the last mile of the day. You can also send me handwritten notes via the Pony Express – if you want to do that, just ask me where to send them, and I’ll let you know.

Next, comes Logistical Support. Now, for my particular lifestyle, namely the fact that I’m homeless when I’m not living on a boat, this means that I’m going to need someone, or some someones, to generously lend me just a little bit of space to store my few meager belongings while I’m hiking for…

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Swedish outdoor label Fjällräven to open Mall of America store this spring

Hot on the heels of L.L. Bean, another outdoor retailer is moving into the Mall of America – one with its roots in Scandinavia.

Swedish outdoor clothing label Fjällräven (pronounced like this) has revealed plans to open this spring on the first floor of the mall’s south wing, according to the Business Journal.

Known for its stylish outdoor backpacks, jackets and accessories for men and women of all ages, the Bloomington store will become only the ninth one the label has opened in the United States.

“With decades of experience designing functional gear and cold weather apparel, we are a great match for the people of Minnesota and the Midwest,” Nathan Dopp, vice president of sales, said in a news release.

The Star Tribune notes that Fjällräven gear is only currently available in a handful of stores in Minnesota, including Askov Findlayson and the Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, and Brightwater in Excelsior.


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