Use Spotlight to Skip iTunes When You Want to Just Play a Single Song

A lot of Mac users are aware that pressing the Space button will launch any type of documents directly in the Finder search results without having to use any application. Pressing the Command button alongside the Space button? The Spotlight search box will appear and this too can also be used to search and launch various documents without having to open it in its corresponding applications. Spotlight is a desktop search feature which exists both in Apple OS X as well as iOS, where it essentially serves as a system-wide selection based search which will create an index of everything that is contained in the system.


Nevertheless, additional features in the newest OS X El Capitan include a Spotlight search that can be used to get weather reports, online videos, sports scores and schedules as well as stock quotes and stock market prices. Aside from these newest searches, Spotlight can also be used to search for a Wikipedia article as well as the address of the Apple Store that is nearest to you. These new “beyond the system” capabilities make Spotlight search even more powerful and worth using, as it now covers similar information that in the past can only be obtained by browsing in a search engine.

In addition, Spotlight is actually really useful when it comes to playing music in your Apple gadgets. If you need to play a song from your hard drive quickly without having to browse it amongst 5 thousand other songs in iTunes, Spotlight will be your hero. Although you can essentially play songs from Finder search result or with the Quick Look, these two platforms do not really provide the functionality to keep a song continuously playing in the background. However once you search for a song in Spotlight search of Mac OS X, you will be able to play it without having to open iTunes and it will continue on playing until you press the stop button.

The first thing that you need to do in order to carry out this process would be to make sure that the song you are searching for is part of your iTunes library or is contained in your Mac’s drive. Next, open the Spotlight search by simply pressing Command + Space, and then type the song’s title into the box. The search result will present you with an album art cover with a “Play” button in the middle, and you need to press it in order to play it. Once you press the “Play” button, the music will start and the button will turn into a “Pause” button, which you can always press whenever you want to pause the song. You can exit out of the Spotlight search and the song will remain playing in the background and you are now free to do other things with your Mac. Once you want to stop the song, return to the Spotlight search and then press the “Pause” button prior to exiting the Spotlight search. Another surprise for you, Spotlight can be used in a similar way for playing videos as well.



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