Making up your Bed every Day makes you Whole

Comfortable and relaxed sleep can only be achieved when your bed is harmonious and the sheets and covers aren’t tossed-in-disarray. Results from a survey by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) suggest that those of us who take the time to keep our rooms and beds comfortable and clean sleep far better. Certainly fluffed pillows and clean sheets are inviting when you’re tired and irritated.


Your efforts to make your bed every morning will see you rewarded with peaceful sleep, and a good few hours sleep can be as good as a tea break for pepping you up. Sheets and duvet covers that have been pulled up neatly create a pleasant feeling when you climb into bed at the end of busy day.

Enough to Make Your Mental State Drop Lower

If you’ve had a stressful day, you just want to get into bed and drift off into oblivion. You get to your room and it’s exactly how you left it – messy and stuffy. The bed isn’t made and the room is cluttered, with clothes, cups and glasses lying everywhere. Your low mental state drops even lower as you climb into your lumpy, messy bed, possibly representative of your life.  This just drops your mental state even lower as you clear stuff and flop into your bed.


Create Peace in your Life – Starting with Your Bed

A well made bed  is for relaxing and  letting the peace of it float away the tensions of the day. A well made bed has a far greater impact on us that most of us give it credit for. A bed is something that many people resort to when they are feeling low and tired.


Coming home to a made bed creates feelings of peace and serenity, while coming home to an unmade topsy-turvy bed just reminds you of the stress and chaos  in your life. Remember when you stayed at a hotel how lovely it was to climb into a readymade bed of crisp, laundered sheets? The sheer delight of dropping off to sleep in such lovely surroundings.

It literally takes two minutes to make your bed. Even if you just make your bed and do nothing else, it makes the whole room look so much better instantly. Two minutes every morning rewards you with a positive mental attitude and it soothes and invigorates you.  Did you know that a small habit like making your bed every morning can have positive effects. It may seem like a trivial thing, but starting your day by making your bed gives a sense of orderliness and accomplishment – a feeling that you are on top of things.

You’ll feel Alive

Taking a minute or two to make your bed each morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.  The thing is that once you get into the habit of making your bed, you’ll love the order and peace. You’ll feel great just being alive. he crisp covers, the plumped up pillows, the freshness will become so addictive, you’ll find yourself wanting to take on other projects, and you’ll certainly have the positive energy to do so.


Being The Best Version Of Yourself

How to be a better you – In every possible way:

Becoming a better version of you can seem hard for a lot of different reasons. For example you can lack in the area of compassion, you could be on the wrong path, and you could have trouble getting started and much, much more. Life is an ongoing battle of having to self-improve and with this comes some fragile territory. With that being said becoming a better you does not mean to be selfish and to lose all ambition, it means to improve your soul and to have more confidence and compassion for yourself as well as for others.


When it comes to getting started you to need to start with accepting the fact that everything that is going on is simply just a process. This means that even when you think you have everything completed and that everything is perfect there will still always be some room leftover for there to be growth. Next you need to determine what all of your values are and then examine yourself and figure out what you believe in. You will also want to look your behavior over and then determine what you want all of the changes to be. These changes are going to be your goals and you need to set them for yourself. Consider a role model to look up to when framing these goals in a positive manner.


As for exercising compassion, in order to do it the right way you need to start with having compassion for yourself. Do not always criticize yourself, there are good days and there are bad days. All of your routines should be examined and feelings of jealousy or anger should be controlled. Remember that it is important to always forgive others and you should also always practice gratitude towards others and everything. Empathy should be cultivated; this is best done when the focus is on people and not things. It is also really nice to always give to others, this is helping other people out and when you help other people out you are making a major and positive change to their life.


Lastly choosing the right path is all about exploring all of your talents to the fullest that they can go and that you can go. This simply means to always do what you love and love what you do; you do not want to waste your time or your talents. Find out what all you are good at. And in the end remember that you only have one life to live and although you should live that life to the fullest you should be smart and cautious. In other words it is best to experiment with all that life has to offer, there is a balance that should be kept when it comes to both play and work. The saying that positivity attracts more positivity is true and humans are well known for being able to adapt rather fast to events that are positive.

Being Naked In Nature Is Crucial For Relaxation

Taboo is an act or something which is prohibited due to the belief that this behavior or act is either too scary or weird for ordinary individuals to undertake.  A lot of countries see the expression of getting naked at the beach or other places for relaxation as a taboo.  People should choose the places where they want to do this certain act and be conscious with what other people might say.


Every time you feel sluggish or so out of energy, try getting out of your comfort zone and try to discover. Nature is one of the reasons why you can have the day of your life. Richard Ryan, a psychology professor of the University of Rochester and a lead author, says that “Nature is fuel for the soul”. It is true that nature can give you the absolute satisfaction or relaxation you can ever imagine. There are a lot of advantages when it comes to nude relaxation.  Below are just some of the reasons why.

Born Free


As humans, you are born to be free. You have every right to do whatever you want to do as long as it does not affect either yourself or other people surrounding you.

Being Clean Is Always Good

A study in the year 2003 was conducted and showed that there are times when the garments of an individual can serve as a breeding ground for parasites, bacteria, or filthy fungi. With these organisms, it would sometimes lead to yeast infections, rotting toenails, or even a urinary tract infection. Individuals who constantly perspire or sweat huge amounts are prone to infections, since sweat breeds bacterial organisms.

By allowing your body soaked under the sun, you will get more and more Vitamin D in your body. Also, if you are not wearing any clothes, your body can thoroughly release toxins without any obstacles or resistance from your clothes.

Believe it or not, there are a number of studies that can prove or have discovered that once you go naked, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease will likely be reduced and you can increase your mental faculties. In addition to other advantages, you can also save huge amounts of your income since you only use lesser quantity of your clothes.

The important thing to remember is that you only find yourself being naked in the shower, when making love and rarely in the ocean. People tend to grow up and develop the notion or perspective of either being conservative or just ashamed about being naked. Although it can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable with your body, what is to be noted here is that you have respect with regards to your body. The only way to surpass this problem is to slowly go back to nature. Try to swim in the lake naked and stay on the beach naked, resist the urge to cover yourself and after a few times you will feel connected and relaxed each time you do it. It releases hidden tension in the body.

Truth is being naked. Reconnect yourself with the wonders that it can offer and feel that freedom.

How to Make a Winning Prezi Presentation


Many people might have faced at least one boring power point presentation in their lives. Most of us have been there. Haven’t we? Unaware of the condition of the audience, quite a few presenters think that they have collected some vital piece of information and that the audience very much interested in knowing to it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case; and their power point is just lost in the crowd.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that the presentation lacked the essence, or the information isn’t vital, it is just because power point presentation has been around for so long that it has lost its charisma to fascinate the audience. We are so used to these presentations that we just tend to ignore them.

Gone are those days where in the audience have to face those boring power point presentations, because now is the age of Prezi, a more dynamic, swift and imaginative way of giving presentations.

Prezi presentation and its features:

Following are some of the features of the new and technically advanced version of power point presentation, “The Prezi Presentation.”

  • Prezi provides the users with the tools required to create a dynamic presentation. One can zoom in and zoom out across the presentation slides which can keep audience glued to their seats, making the presentation more dynamic and interesting.
  • Prezi allows users to create their own motion paths, images, texts as well as video files and integrate them into their presentations.
  • Prezi presentation is all cloud based, which eliminates the necessity of buying software. It is free for starters, but if you want more space, you need to buy it.
  • Unlike PPP, which can only accommodate only two dimensional clips, Prezi allows the users to create their presentation in three dimensional (3D) art.

Making a winning Prezi presentation:

The following eight steps can help you make a “Winning Prezi presentation.”


  • As usual, you need to start preparing your presentation by mindmapping. While creating your presentation, please keep in mind that people do not remember more than five sections. So keep it simple. Also do not include more than three sub-sections for each section.
  • The next step is to create a structure that is meaningful. Most of the winning Prezi presentations have meaningful structures, which show the whole body or the floor plan in the starting slide itself. And then, as you zoom in you will be revealing each step in the floor plan more elaborately.
  • Do not use more than three layers of zooming. Because as the number of zoom in layers increase (beyond three), the audience tend to get confused, and the motive of the presentation gets disturbed.
  • Try to add as many images as possible, as they have more impact than the text within.
  • As often as you can, but in a constructive way, without disturbing the concentration of the audience, give reference to the context. Keep them glued on to the screen by remembering them what actually is presentation all about and keep the audience guessing.
  • Do not use too much of spinning. This can make people nauseous.
  • Use visual guides as frequently as possible.
  • Try to use vector images in place of JPG’s, as a JPG images tend to get blurred as and when zoomed in.


Many people consider Prezi as the power point presentation of the 21st century. This is because, unlike PPP, which can only accommodate only two dimensional clips, Prezi allows the users to create their presentation in three dimensions (3D). You can create your own clip arts either from the Prezi’s readily available backgrounds, or create your own. This is what makes Prezi the generation presentation tool.

Being Organized Is Being Free

Lack of organization

There is a very famous saying, “being organized is simply being in control”, now I would not want to prove anything with this sentence but it is very much try in every sense. Those who have always lived their lives with great discipline and organization will definitely vouch for this sentence, but even those who are too busy to control things as per their choice will stand by it. The ones who tend to mess up with things have always wished for that one chance when they are not being able to search for what they want. Life is funny; you always end up not finding things when you need them the most. In this article we will talk about the importance of keeping things well in their place and organized.


If you are a really busy man or even a woman, one thing our rather shall we say one problem that you come across quite frequently is not finding important stuff on time and the biggest problem behind this either you are too busy or you are too lazy to keep the things at the right place and at the right time. Let us take a small example, it has been a year since you parked your car once in a no parking zone and then you receive a ticket on the last Monday where you are asked to pay the fine, but then you remember that you have already paid it, but you are not being able to find the receipt as you don’t remember keeping it.


The above example clearly shows one thing and it is not related with your sharp memory, it is rather concerned with how unorganized you are. Now you need to repay the fine as you are not being able to find the receipt and this is the cost of being careless and unorganized. Most of the people find it annoying and boring to keep such letters and other important documents in a paper, but the ones who are responsible, never take the short cut and spend only five minutes to save themselves from hassles later on.

Important tips for staying organized

Here are few simple tips to help you keep your letters, bills and other important documents safe and organized:

  • Stay colorful; keep files of different colors for different types of papers. This will also make your desk look energizing.
  • Never keep your papers in the same file, because one loss will cost you a lot
  • Keep the files and papers stored in a similar fashion, just like you keep a similar type of password for all your accounts.
  • Keep your papers in such places where you can never forget searching. You should also consider keeping important papers in places which are easily visible so that you do not need to keep separate reminders.
  • Regular cross checks will definitely help you remember the status of different bills and payments and other important documents such as receipts, policies, agreements, transcripts, contacts etc

When you are organized, you set your mind free from the unnecessary tangles, which you can face later on.

Being Happy Is All About Letting Go

When did you meet a person who said that I am really very happy with my life and how things are shaping? I don’t remember meeting one since a long time. Being happy is considered to be the second most difficult things in life. I do not mean to say that none of us are happy! Yes, we all are happy with whatever god has given us but we have this insatiable hunger of getting more and more which never lets us stay happy for long.


Once our demand for something is fulfilled we tend to cling on to get the next best thing as per our dictionary. There is a saying, “god laughs, when we say we are planning”. I am not criticizing god, but yes it is absolutely correct. We are planning for future each and every day without even knowing what the next hour has got in store for us.

Too many expectations have ended in dreams, unfulfilled. There are very few people who have a mind and heart of metal and choose the practical way of moving on. Most of us remain shocked and sad because of certain plans get shattered. We do not move on easily from the past. We tend to build a shrine in the past where we visit each day and every moment.


A person can never be happy if he is living in the past. Have you ever seen a driver being able to drive a car by looking into the rear view mirror? No? Even if someone has tried to do that, he must have met with an accident. This, is the reality of life, you cannot walk ahead by looking behind. What is it that we hold on for so long? The answer to this question is different for different individuals. It might be a special moment, a beloved person or even a lost opportunity. We stick to their memories, we keep on thinking about what we could have done, what we shouldn’t have done etc. These thoughts create a room of darkness in our minds where there is no oxygen and positivity. At the end of the day we sleep stressed, anxious and sad. The question stands very simple and it is “what takes to be happy?” The answer is very simple to read yet very difficult to apply in our lives. The answer is of two words, “letting go”.


Letting go or moving on from the past memories is one thing which can help us see a better future more clearly and happily. Then why is it so difficult to let go? Well, it is because we never really try and accept what has happened to us. We delve in thoughts which continuously poke us to go and change what has happened. We all wish to have that delete button in our brains which can help us get rid of those sad moments.

The reality is such that we cannot have any delete button. The only thing and the best thing that we can do is let go and learn from our past. Letting go hatred, anxiety, jealousy and other such comprehending things can give us a new life to live. This new life has happiness, hope and positivity. We should learn from yesterday, live in today and hope for a better tomorrow.

Black Beans, A Wonder For Concentration

Do you have this habit of easily being distracted? Lesser concentration you say? Black beans are your solution. This tiny but miraculous bean will surely give you the right amount of concentration you need. Aside from helping in your concentration, there are a lot of positive effects.


Why Is It A Wonder?


Black beans are high in antioxidants and fiber. These are not just good for having a sexy body or a perfect waistline, it can aid in preventing diseases, too. A study proved that black beans have the power to give special support when it comes to your digestive tract health, most especially in your colon.


One cup of black beans can give the following: Molybdenum (287%), Folate (64%), Fiber (60%), Copper (40%), Manganese (38%), Vitamin B1 (35%), Phosphorus (34%), Magnesium (30%), Protein (30%), and Iron (20%).

It also has effects on your blood sugar regulation. The regulated breakdown of the food, caused by black beans, will help prevent the extreme sugar uptake in the digestive track. Black beans also help persons with cardiovascular problems. The myocardial infract and other coronary heart diseases are closely associated to the increase of fiber. Because of the perfect soluble content of fiber present in these beans, the blood cholesterol level can be lowered down to balance it.


When it comes to the issue on cancer, black beans are also of great help. Due to outstanding presence of a wide array of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and antioxidant in these beans, the risk of having cancer, most especially colon cancer, is reduced.

Black beans, which are commonly called by others as turtle beans, can give your body a whole lot of positive effects. The health benefits can contribute to your concentration. Without the horrible aching, burns, or other effects made possible by the above mentioned diseases and disorders, you will be able to focus more on what you are doing. Your brain cells will improve and the strength of sustaining your ability to concentrate will increase.


Do other researches or consult some experts with regard to this matter and you will know or realize the miracle this tiny black bean can offer. It will change your healthy diet and improve your personality, as well. Most of the time, there are a lot of side effects in taking or consuming something, but the good thing about black beans is that it offers you a positive side effect. It increases your concentration. Black beans give an effect on your digestive system that will help with the slowing down of the release of food from the stomach and into the bowels. With this, it will cause lesser spikes in sugar levels in your blood. The lesser the spikes give you less fatigue and a more stable state of mind.

These are a lot of benefits that black beans can give you. Explore more and feel the difference. Have the discipline that was long been present in your attitude faculties. Moderate consumption of black beans a day will give you the desired concentration you want for a successful day.

Expressing Your Love Is The Only Way To Make a Relationship Last

There have been many psychologists, artists and philosophers over the centuries who have tried to discover they key to the puzzle as old as time – Love. Felt by every one of us, but yet not completely understood in its entirety by any of us, we all strive in our lives to find that one stable element we hope will make everything seem okay. But although there is always plenty of focus on how to first find the love that we are so desperately looking for, we should also consider how to keep hold of the love in our lives and to make sure they don’t slip through our fingers.

We’ve all got our past horror stories about ex-partners or bad dates; it’s just a part of the relationship cycle. This is how we can tell when we finally find the ‘right’ one or someone that we instantly hit it off with. However, this should also drive us to do everything in our power to keep hold of our partner once we find them. It’s certainly not easy to find a good partner, so when we do, the last thing that we would want is to lose them.

So what is the easiest way to maintain a healthy relationship? The answer is simple: Express the love you have for each other. Many couples can slip into a sort of rut, especially as the relationship grows longer. The excitement can dwindle, partners assume their partner knows they love them without telling them, and so on. Many people these days believe that love is simply enough, but unfortunately this just isn’t true. We need to put effort into our relationships, showing our partners that we care and assuring them that we are just as much in love as we were several months/years/decades ago.


Stuck on a few ideas as to how to express your love? Let’s run through a few ideas together! Surprise them, either with a romantic meal when they come back from work, a secret date at a restaurant, or even with a luxurious weekend away or a few days holiday! And although it’s true many of us have work and family commitments, there can always be plans made and babysitters arranged. You two deserve just as much time and attention as the kids, sometimes. There is also the classic option of buying them a gift to show them that you care, preferably something personal that shows how much you know and understand them. There are also other, far simpler things that you can do at no expense if finances are currently an issue. Plan a surprise picnic in the park and relax there for the day, or even a simple phone call to say how much you love them.

So although it is so easy to fall into a routine and coast through the days with our partners, remember that love does need to be felt and expressed if you truly wish for a long and healthy relationship.

Take A Break! – It Will Help You Perform Better

Do you want to take a break from all this madness you are experiencing in your day-to-day routine? Are you tired of your work or your relationship that is constantly making your brains disintegrate? Whether you are working so hard or you’re in a relationship, take note that everybody needs a rest. No matter how much you love your work or your partner who is always keeping you nuts, a real vacation can help you perform better than usual.


Humans can easily get tired of something they love. Compared to machines which also have its limitations, humans have feelings and limitations too. Do not over-stress yourself because it will lead you nowhere. The money you are working on for such late nights will only catch up with you in the near future and cause numerous disorders or diseases.

In a relationship, there are ups and downs when you take a break. But as long as you delivered it to your partner with all good intention and explained it carefully, your relationship will be just fine. Although there are disadvantages, the advantages can surely out-weigh those effects.


As to work issues, the following are the some of the reasons why taking a break can help you perform better.

  • Taking a vacation can help your mind be creative. You can see several ideas when you are on a vacation. You see those beautiful sceneries, the magnificent structures or galleries, and other places or destinations worth your time to visit.
  • People say that distractions work in mysterious ways. Any person can easily be distracted by the things they genuinely engaged in. It takes the mind of every person off the stress they experience. While on vacation, distract yourself with the things you love the most like reading a book at the beach, challenging yourself to perform a new hobby, or just simply exercising your body off to become healthy and fit.
  • You will also have time to think things through and plan the things you wanted to do. It can even make you realize that what you are doing does not make you happy at all. In this way, you can change what you are doing and explore something new.
  • It’s always a good thing to give your body a break when you are stressed out. Stress can lead to many effects that are detrimental to your body such as headaches, high level blood pressure, sleeping problems, upset stomach, and chest pains.
  • When you are having a vacation, whether on a beach or having a campfire, it will make you feel better and healthier. Besides, you need to get yourself out of those polluted areas just to protect yourself ones in a while.
  • You’ll have more time to talk to your friends and families. Solve issues that were left unresolved in the past and have the opportunity to reconnect with your inner self.

Every human being deserves to be happy and is definitely entitled to a break. Taking a break off your stressful work or relationship has so many advantages that will make your life worth living.

Getting On The Right Track – Destroy Your Credit Card

Are you familiar with Amazon, eBay, and other websites on online shopping? If yes, then you probably possess a credit card. Most individuals nowadays possess a credit card in their wallet. But, can it offer a wide array of advantages or will it only do you harm? There may be some advantages in using a credit card, but the disadvantages definitely outweigh these. Airline miles and rebates are just some of the advantages that credit card holders normally argue when it comes to the argument on which is better, a debit or a credit card. The truth is, granting without admitting, no matter how many advantages this card can offer, there is no such thing as a card user who uses this wonder responsibly.


Credit Cards Vs. Cash

Let’s first talk about credit cards. From the moment you get your card out of your pocket until the cashier finishes swiping it to pay the product you purchased, nothing emotional comes into play. It will only occur to you that you have spent so much than what you need when your bill comes and knock your head off with all those debts. Aside from overspending, you will have a lot of paper work because you need to keep the receipts of your purchase and check them at the end of the month when your statement comes. This is to avoid miscalculations, deceit, and other forms of mistake that will increase your debt. There will also be unexpected fees or other hidden charges.


By using cash to purchase every item you want, you can truly feel that the money which you have been working on for so long and hard is slowly leaving your pocket. It will create the feeling or just a simple thought that you need to start saving for something important, and thus, it prevents you to spend your money on silly and useless materials. Also, using cash will help you improve your discipline when it comes to overspending.

If you don’t like to carry so much cash in your pocket, use a debit card. It can be very useful when you travel or when you go out to celebrate with your friends or family. Debit cards make you become more conscious on how you spend your hard-worked money. You will be able to track your expenses and at the same time limit it.

despair-513529_1280 (1)

There is nothing worse than getting a credit card. With this simple and elegant-looking card, every individual, no matter how disciplined you are, possessing this item can let you easily lose track of your expenses, especially when the urge of buying something you’ve been eyeing on for a very long time. Sooner or later you will find yourself buried and struggling to pay off that huge amount every month. The smartest way is just to go out with a debit card or cash in your pocket. In this way, you will be able to balance the numerous expenses you are facing in life. No more jibber-jabber about how much you have to save just to pay off that debt. Be traditional and live a debt-free life.