5 Lessons For People Wasting Time In An Unhappy Marriage

Telling yourself possible thoughts that you can use to serve as an excuse to stay in an unhappy marriage because of the only reason that you are scared is very common. There are even several myths such as, “I have invested so much time in this marriage only to end up nowhere,” or “I have sacrificed almost half of the year in my lifetime just to give up now.” One important thing which you need to remember is that when you view your marriage as a time investment, it will only give you a hint that your marriage no longer serves any purpose. You are just prolonging your agony. If you ever find yourself stuck in this kind of situation, here are the top 5 lessons you need to bear in mind so that you can give your life a second chance by simply moving on.


Time Myth Because Of Fear

You need to give more yourself a lot of credit by simply not believing in the time myth. You should never fear because you are smart, organized, and stronger and you can adapt to any situation or circumstance which you may experience along the way.

Not An Investment

You have to quit looking back at those happy years of marriage wherein you see everything as some kind of an investment because it is really not. You need to remember that the time you are spending in your marriage can never be compared to a thing since it is never refundable. Most people who stay in unhappy marriage would normally tell themselves or hold onto that perception that they can still work things out since they have invested so much time and effort. What you need to look into is that in a happy and healthy marriage, the time spent with your partner is always beneficial to either one of you or both. It is the only time which can tell whether you made good memories, built a happy and wonderful family, have lived a happy and comfortable life or not. You should never blame the time you have spent with each other.

Time Invested Will Not Equate To Happiness

You must know in yourself that the time you have invested in your marriage does not equate to the amount of happiness you had. What equates to happiness is the memories you have made, the lessons you have learned, and the values, as much as responsibilities, you have acquired or achieved.

Know That You Deserve Better

Although it may seem so selfish at some point, admitting that you deserve better is a harmless fact. Each and every individual deserves someone who will make them feel as though they are kings and queens of their own world and that better things are meant for them. Never treat yourself, your happiness, much more your life like it is just a faceless commodity. No one deserves to treat their lives like that. Using the idea that you deserve that less of affection and happiness will only demean and hurt yourself and can be very unhealthy when it comes to your life perception.

You Owe Nothing

Long years of marriage may teach you a lot in life, but never tell you that you owe anything. You can never deny the fact that you have so many wonderful and breathtaking memories of your marriage, but you should never cloud yourself with it when it is already obvious that you have an unhealthy marriage. Treating your unhappy years and sacrifices like it is a bargaining tool, and that having that idea that it entitles you to happiness will only lead you nowhere. What you need to do is just to make those memories as experiences and lessons which you may carry on your journey.


6 Apps To Save Time While Doing Stuff Around The House

Keeping a house clean may seem easy especially if there is someone who does this job for you. Being in charge of this task is a huge responsibility because you have to balance everything else. You spend most of your day at work and you then come home to find a total mess that needs to be cleaned. This is not exactly how you wanted to spend your evening, is it?


We came up with this list of apps to make your job a bit easier and maybe more pleasant. Enjoy!


If you ever want to look for cleaning tips, this is the right choice. Brightnest is free for both Android and iOS users. There are several categories to browse whenever you have the time. You will find things like how to make you fridge squeaky clean, how to organize your wardrobe and even how to get nice fluffy pillows. The design of the app is cute too. Implementing these suggestions will reduce the time that you spend cleaning the house.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Thanks to this app, you can easily put order in your chores. The Spring Cleaning Checklist application is free to download on Android devices. Whenever you feel that you lack the knowledge to carry out a chore, this app will help you figure things out. It will also make it easier for you to stay on schedule and to keep track of your progress. There are plenty of videos to present detailed instructions about various tasks.


The Chorma application is free for Apple devices and is perfect for people who share chores in a household. Maybe you have roommates or maybe you are a mom who delegates chores, either way, Chorma is your answer.

Each member can download the app on their iPhone or iPad and they will see the list of tasks with deadlines and even rewards. When you do a chore, you just check it off the list and each member will see who performs each chore. Letting one person to do all the tasks is not a nice thing to do.

How Your House Works

This app is nearly free on Android and iOS, it costs only $2.99. Experts in home improvement created illustrations and instructions for solving a lot of different problems around the house. The app is perfect for younger adults who live on their own and know little about things like air conditioning systems and plumbing among many other things.

You can find what you are looking for by searching for meaningful keywords. Thanks to this app, you will save hundreds of dollars because you will learn how to repair things on your own with the help of a specialized contractor. Still, if the problem is too challenging, it is best to call experts to deal with it safely.

Zillow Digs

People usually get into home improvement during the summer when the houses for sale are arranged to look awesome in order to attract clients. You may think that those kitchens are simply extraordinary, but do you think how much it costs to get a kitchen like that? Zillow Digs will tell you this.

If you are thinking to start a home improvement project, you’d better know what you are getting yourself into. Before putting a hole in your wall, download Zillow Digs for free on iOS. This app will present you the estimative costs of different projects for your bathroom and kitchen.

Home Styler Interior Design

Are you bored with the looks of your home? It is time to give it a facelift. You can download Home Styler Interior Design for free on iOS and Android devices. You are offered the opportunity to see how your house would look like with different interior design elements. You take a photo of a room and then browse through design products to see how they fit your room. It is a great source of inspiration.

5 Secrets That Credit Card Companies Won’t Tell You Up Front

Even though signing a very lengthy terms and conditions is mandatory for every credit card application, the majority of people only pay attention to its rates before agreeing to it, namely the interest rate, penalty interest rate as well as late charges. Little that you know, there are ways which you can make your credit card to be more worthy when maintaining your credit profile.


Here are some of them:

They Can Check On Your Other Cards’ Payments

The majority of people are aware that payment history on their other credit card accounts can directly impact their scores of credit. This, in turn, will have effects on whether or not their credit card application is rejected or rather accepted. In spite of that, this preliminary check may not be the only time that your payment history has an impact on your credit card account. If you are regularly late or exceeding the limit on the other credit card accounts, your current credit card company may raise your payment rate on their card even though you always pay their card on time. The reason behind this is that once you perform poorly on the other account, you are very likely to perform poorly on their account as well in the future.

They Have Every Right To Raise or Lower Your Credit Limit

When you are regularly paying late or exceeding limit in your other credit card accounts, your credit limit may be lowered even in the account where you never pay late and always use within the given limit. Related to the explanation above, part of your credit score involve your credit usage within limits as well as your payment time. Lower credit score may be seen as a higher risk by credit card companies and therefore they may lower your credit limits at any time without having to consult it to you first.

They Can Give You A Credit Limit Review At Any Time, When Asked

On the contrary, if you have been paying all of your credit cards account on time and never passing their limits however never obtained a credit limit increase, in the majority of cases you are entitled to ask for one. Some companies make this procedure simple and automatic, where most of the times it can be found in your account in the credit limit increase or review section. If this is not provided, you can call your credit card company’s customer service and request for it directly. However you must keep in mind that some credit card companies conduct automatic and periodic reviews (usually per six months), where in this case you will not be able to request for a review but then you can expect a regular limit increase if your history of payment and credit scores are good enough.

They Charge Less Interest If You Pay Early

Almost all credit card companies charge interest to your average balance daily, added with a 30 day grace period allowing you to not accrue interest when you pay your statement on your due date at the latest. Even if you cannot pay the entire credit card balance, it would be very useful to pay early. If you pay early, your balance will be lower in the month, which in turn will lower your average daily balance and eventually will make the interest charged to your balance smaller. As a conclusion, it is better to pay for a portion of your entire balance if you cannot pay it all, as this will add up significantly in the long run especially when you regularly have higher balances.

They Can Absolutely Waive Your Penalty Fees

If you have been keeping an immaculate payment history with the credit card company, it is most likely that you can ask them to waive the penalty fee when you, for some reasons, are a little bit late in a payment. However you must take note that quite an amount of effort is going to be needed. You will have to speak to a staff and have them go through your previous payment histories and credit usage before they can agree to issue a waiver.

4 Ways You Can Shop Without Spending Any Money

Impulsive shopping can truly hurt you financially especially if you are one of the many Americans struggling to get from paycheck to paycheck. Shopping on the spur of moment can indicate a deeper problem. Some shop because they’re sad, because they want to get rid of negative feelings in general or because they simply must own that pair of shoes.


Regardless of the reason, you spend money on something that you don’t truly need. You may as well throw the money out the window because it won’t solve your underlying problems. Making purchase after purchase won’t make you happier, it will just lead to a short burst of endorphins and that’s it.

What if I told you there are ways you can stop this urge? Let’s revise 4 ways you can keep your impulses in check without spending any actual money.

Swap parties

This is how you can get stuff without paying for it. Pick up the phone and start calling your friends to invite them to your swap party. It is mandatory that they bring at least 3 things to trade. You are bound to find something that you like. Try to set the theme of the party beforehand. It may be clothes, old electronics, kitchenware, or whatever you feel like buying right this moment.

Pin it on Pinterest

You know how people add stuff to the shopping cart, be it online or in a supermarket? You can do the same thing but without hurting your finances. How? Whenever you see something that you feel the urge to buy online, you pin the picture to your Pinterest board.

You keep them there for a while and you may revisit the board after a couple of weeks. If you still want to buy those things, you are allowed to choose one and only one object. This way you avoid impulsively buying all the stuff. It sounds weird, but it will save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Take a look at what you already have

We all have some clothes that we never wear, some gadgets that we never use and some books that we never read. Browse through your collection again and you are bound to find something that you forgot it exists but still want quite badly.

You basically buy them all over again but without pay money for those objects. Get rid of the stuff that you don’t use and see if you need anything else. Make a list and choose to buy only 2 things on that list. This is how you keep your addiction in check.

Share it!

Are you feeling right now that you must hit the stores? If you do, take a picture of that thing and share it online. The number of likes, shares, tweets, or pins will satisfy your “appetite” to some extent because that item is appreciated to its full value as it should be. Besides, people will see that you have great tastes.

3 Inspiring Writers Who Will Make You Laugh, Become Smarter, and More Emotionally Intelligent

Here is a brief info about 3 most inspiring writers who can change your way of living!


Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert, who has travelled to three countries – Italy, India and Indonesia – in search for inner peace as well as the true meaning of life. She has written a light but captivating piece of writing with occasional jokes here and there, Liz has managed to make the reader laugh and be more optimistic about life, because there is always more to it than it may seem. Successfully turned into a movie, Liz has captured the essence of living through balance and sense of tranquility.

Emotional intelligence is also another vital thing which is practiced when reading Liz’s work. To see how she had risen from a turmoil where her whole life was at stake, going through a divorce, leaving her job, and faced with uncertainties in her travels. Liz managed to handle everything in a calm and prudent manner, where it gives an inspiration for the readers that every problem in life will have a solution, even though it takes time. Advocating the balance of physical indulgence, spiritual zen as well as romantic fulfillment, Liz has succeeded in giving an inspiration to the reader to rethink about what they really want in life, and in finding a proper balance.

Richard Branson

Not a writer per se, Richard Branson is an avid businessman and investor. He is best known as the founder of the Virgin group, which encompasses more than 400 companies all over the world. Branson has written an inspiring piece through his entrepreneurship managerial book, letting the readers’ minds to wander about his success stories in building the Virgin group, and how a business should be conducted to give more to communities and the environment.

Branson’s witty and energetic tone excites the reader throughout the book, giving them joy and happiness aside from inspiring them with regards to their businesses. Branson also put an effort in appealing the readers’ emotional awareness, especially with regards to paying attention on things or people that are surrounding a business. Giving various advices from paying close attention to employees to combating disease which will help other parts of the world, there is just so much love to be felt by the readers.

Roald Dahl

A popular amongst children and young teenagers, Roald Dahl’s famous work, one of which has been filmed and is one of the most favorite children movies of all time, have undoubtedly helped millions of children around the world to dare to imagine, and to be happy. His work aims to exhilarate and captivate children into the love of reading books, which hopefully they will carry on through the later years. Inevitably, this employed strategy has cause children to read more books, expanding their knowledge and making them smarter, both emotionally and intellectually. Through his stories, Dahl has also managed to teach children about the morals of life and about wiseness, an emotional development which may not be so easy to obtain by the tech-savvy children nowadays.

Persistent Depression Damages Cognitive Functions, Study Concludes

A study conducted by researchers from all around the world has permanently proven that long term depression damages the part of the brain called the hippocampus. That area is particularly important because it is responsible for storing long-term memories and learning.


Prior to this research, the fact that the shrinking of the hippocampus is an effect and not the cause of depression was only a hypothesis. Small scale investigations were conducted in the past, but the results were contradictory. After years of uncertainty, researchers have finally shed some light on this issue.

What did the study involve?

First of all, it was a large-scale study handled by teams of experts form three continents: US, Europe and Australia. From those 9000 people whose brains were scanned and analyzed, 2 thousand of them were suffering from recurrent depression, while the rest were healthy.

The results were very clear: untreated depression causes the hippocampus to reduce in size. Even those who experience depression episodes at certain intervals over long periods of time have a smaller hippocampus. Therefore, in order to make sure that no parts of the brain get physically damaged by depression, you need to take action early.

The good news

Fortunately, the damage is not irreparable. The hippocampus has a great capacity for regeneration. Proper medical treatment is needed in order to help that area of the brain recover. Drugs (anti-depressants) and psychotherapy are the two most effective ways to battle depression.

It is very important to figure out what kind of therapy (talk therapy or drug-based one) suits you. Figures indicate that almost half of those who undergo treatment show no signs of improvement because of an inadequate approach. Analyzing one’s brain scan can help experts decide what kind of depression treatment the patient would be more responsive to, thus increasing the success rates dramatically.

In some cases, combining the two leads to incredibly good results after a short period of time, while in other cases individuals don’t experience any amelioration of symptoms.

The risks of anti-depressants

This is a topic of high interest among depression sufferers. . An incredible amount of patients are prescribed serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as Prozac and Paxil. People tend to run away from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) because it is expensive, lengthy and most individuals are usually afraid to open up in front of a therapist.

Feeling suicidal is the number one side effect linked to anti-depressants. A decade ago the Food and Drug Administration had to put a warning inside the boxes of SRIs regarding the possibility of coping with suicidal feelings. Statistics indicate that teens are more prone to develop suicidal thoughts, but there is evidence that even adults are susceptible to experience these sorts of destructive feelings as a result of badly dosed anti-depressants.

Things advance too slowly

Nowadays the understanding of depression is still low. Valuable discoveries are made from time to time, but scientists can’t yet solve the mysteries that surround depression. They need to investigate this issue further more and maybe in the near future they will come up with more efficient ways to prevent and treat depression.

To sum up, seeking medical help is necessary when facing depression symptoms. Don’t let things go out of control because you put your brain’s health at risk. Even though the harm is reversible in most cases, you will only suffer more if you do not take attitude immediately. In addition, when it comes to your friends and family, give them useful pieces of advice on this topic and do not let them struggle on their own with this fierce enemy called depression.

26 Essential Things You Should Know Before Starting A Website


Domain Name

Your domain name should be something that’s easy to remember, and that provides a rough impression of what your site is about.



Choose a reliable host, taking into account how much traffic you are expecting to get and how much capacity you might need.


Research and decide which languages and technology you should use and what would be best for your website. PHP, MySQL, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 etc.


Have a clear idea as to what the purpose of the website will be. Is it a business website? A blog?


Make sure that your website has an attractive design. A good website should have a simple layout, but should still look professional.

Site Map

Your website should have a clear site map that is easily traversed; consider drawing up and using a flow chart.


Make sure that your content is relevant, informative and useful. Also consider things such as pictures, videos etc.


Identify before you begin your website who your audience will be. This way you can then build your site with them in mind.


Although advertising can certainly help your new website, consider how much is required and avoid using too much.

Pop Ups

Pop ups are one of the most annoying features of the internet for many users. Prevent them from the start!


Colour can drastically affect the feel and appearance of your website. Use an appropriate colour scheme.


Make sure that your buttons are easily noticed, eye catching and are in appropriate places.


There are many options to consider, such as a clean look, a more colourful look, or maybe even a patterned background.


Images can have a lasting impression, and will be what stays with your visitors the longest. Choose them carefully.


Make sure that your site navigation is extremely easy to use. Nothing frustrates users more than not finding what they are looking for.


Chances are that your website will be one of many that targets the same audience. Make yours unique and make it stand out from the crowd.


To ensure your visitors will continue to return, make sure your website is constantly up to date, fresh and relevant.


With so many websites available, make sure that yours is search engine friendly and will show up high in the results.


There are various browsers used by many users, make sure that your website is viewable and usable in all of them.

Screen Resolution

Make sure that your screen resolution is appropriate. Formerly, web design used 980px in width, but these days it can increase up to 1230px in width.

Social Media

Integrate the major social media platforms into your website, making it easy for your readers to share your content.


Use appropriate typography, making sure that your font is readable and not too eccentric. Bad font can be especially frustrating to read.


If you provide registration for your website, make it easy and worthwhile by providing distinct advantages.

Track and Analyse

Monitor how your website runs and the traffic it generates, and then you can optimise accordingly.


Ensure that your website is safe and secure, and let your users know that it is secure.


Finally, although not the most important aspect of your website, a good footer can certainly impress your visitors.

8 Tips for Women to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

Gaining weight when pregnant is inevitable. After pregnancy however, most women want to lose weight and return to their weight before pregnancy.

If you were a lean person before you got pregnant but you gained between 20 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, you should be able to lose this weight in a few months with a proper diet and exercise. However, if you started off overweight and then put on more weight during pregnancy, it could take you at least one year to get lean.


It is natural to be overeager about getting back to your normal weight. You should be patient with yourself; work with a realistic amount of time and aim to lose a realistic amount of weight each month and you are more likely to succeed.

Below are 8 tips to help you get started on your weight loss journey:

Stay Away From Diets

Your first instinct may be to go on a diet. You should fight against this tendency because a diet will derail you from your goal by making you crave the foods you are denying yourself. A diet is also not healthy for you or your baby during the breastfeeding phase, as both you and your baby will not be getting enough nourishment.

Eat ‘Super Foods’

The term ‘super foods’ refers to foods that are rich in nutrients and low on calories. Foods such as fish lean red meat, skinless white meat, eggs, vegetables and whole grains all have low calories but have important nutrients and minerals such as calcium, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and A.

These foods will also keep you fuller for longer, hence you won’t need to eat too frequently.

Stick to A Balanced Meal

Instead of dieting, stick to reasonable portions of a balanced meal. If you get hungry, snack on healthy foods such as carrot sticks, protein bars or apple slices.


Whether or not breastfeeding helps with post-pregnancy, weight loss is still debatable. Some women have reported experiencing more rapid weight loss when they breastfeed than when they don’t.


There are two main reasons why you should drink a lot of water. One, it’s important to stay hydrated, especially if you are breastfeeding. Two, water will keep you feeling full, thus regulate your need for food. Clear colored urine should be a good indication that you are well hydrated.


Exercise is extremely important for losing weight. For a new mom, you will experience more benefits beyond weight loss just by exercising. For instance, you will cope with depression and stress better and you will also sleep better.

Your exercise program should include both cardio and resistance training. At least 30 minutes 4 to 6 days a week should keep your metabolism high.

Get Adequate Sleep

According to research conducted on women post-pregnancy, inadequate sleep triggers the release of cortisol, a stress hormone, which hinders weight loss and actually promotes weight gain. Take enough naps during the day and always go to bed early to ensure you get enough sleep.

Get Professional Help

If you find it difficult to lose weight on your own, get the help of a dietician, doctor or fitness trainer.

Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/8-tips-for-losing-weight-after-pregnancy-21-11-2008/

7 Myths about Sugar That We Should Stop Believing Now

The internet is full of information about the ill effects of sugar on your health. But most of this information is false. The following is what you might have heard or read about sugar and reasons why that information is completely false.


Sugar Causes Hyperactivity

Scientists have actually conducted research to determine whether sugar does indeed cause hyperactivity. In one such study, researchers gave sugar to a group of children and their parents were instructed to monitor the children’s behavior. The parents reported that the children showed a lot of hyperactivity.

The reality though is that the substance given to the children was not sugar, proving that their hyperactive behavior was a result of other factors. Consumption of sugary foods commonly takes place in social settings that tend to have other activities that could serve as a stimulus for hyperactivity, such as a birthday party. This is the reason why this myth seems to endure.

Sugar Is the Leading Cause of Diabetes

This is a common misconception. Diabetes is caused by an interaction of numerous factors including genetics, diet and lifestyle choices. Sugar could feature in the diet component but it cannot be the main cause, considering human beings don’t consume processed sugar alone as a food.

Brown Sugar Is Better Than White Sugar in Nutritional Value

White foods are bad for you; this is actually true. But this fact does not apply to white sugar, as brown sugar is merely white sugar with molasses (which causes the brown color).

Unrefined sugar (also known as raw sugar), which also has a brownish color, is perhaps what most people erroneously refer to as brown sugar. Unrefined sugar does indeed have more nutritional content than white or brown sugar.

Natural Sugars Are a Healthier Alternative

You have probably seen the various natural sugars in supermarkets and grocery stores. These sugar products, such as agave and date sugar, are said to be healthier than refined sugar. This is false as the body metabolizes sugar in the same way.

You will only reap benefits from natural sugars if they are fortified with minerals, but even in such a case, you would need to consume a large amount of sugar to benefit from the minerals.

Foods Labeled As Sugar-Free Are Healthier

This is also not true because food manufacturers tend to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners, which are actually more harmful than refined sugar.

Fruits Are Bad For You Due To Their High Sugar Content

It’s true; fruits contain fructose, which is a naturally occurring sugar. But fruits also contain fiber, which regulates the rate at which sugar is absorbed into your blood stream. This prevents spikes in blood sugar and also keeps you feeling fuller for longer periods of time.

Fruits also have vitamins and minerals that play important roles such as monitoring blood cholesterol, fighting inflammation and preventing diseases. If you stop eating fruits, you will be denying your body these important benefits.

If A Product Reads ‘No Added Sugars’, You Can Overindulge

This statement is false, because sugar can exist in many forms besides the commonly known refined sugar. Product labels with ingredients such as dextrose, fructose, concentrates or corn syrup have sugar. Certain preservatives also have sugar content in them. Consider this next time you think of overindulging in products that are claimed to have no sugars in them.

Bottom line

There are many myths about food and often believing these myths will cause you to stop eating most foods, thus limiting your diet. The key to knowing which foods are good for you and which ones are bad is to find information from good sources.

Source: http://www.lifehack.org/293681/7-myths-about-sugar-that-should-stop-believing-now

3 Simple Ways to Find Perfect Content Ideas

When you have a blog it can be hard to find topics to write about that are new all the time. Depending on the subject matter of your blog, you might struggle to try and be creative. The good thing is you can find perfect content ideas from several different places. Here are just three simple ways you can find content ideas for your blog that will engage your readers and keep people coming back.



There are so many places to find what’s trending. You can search through the most searched keywords on Google, or look at what hashtags are popular on Twitter. Often times there are a slew of headlines on the side of the Facebook Timeline you can draw information from. There’s always something going on. Browse article sites that are constantly posting new content and write a blog agreeing or disagreeing with what the author of that article says. You can even link to their article and grab some backlinks and put yourself out there some more. The more you are sharing things that are popular the more people are going to find your blog.

Other Blogs

You don’t ever want to copy someone else’s content, but it’s a good idea to look at what blogs similar to yours are posting about. You can get some great ideas from the things people are saying they want to see on their blogs, and use their creative post ideas to inspire some of your own. You can join other blogs newsletters and even blog on your blog about what’s going on in the blog world. The possibilities are endless. You can also look to blogs that aren’t the same as your niche, and get ideas from the things they are talking about. Share videos and talk about other blogs, posting a post about a blog you love to read is a nice thing to do and gives you content to share that day.

Current Events

The last thing that will help you find topics to blog about are current events. Look at what’s going on in the news, do a little digging and write your on article about it crediting the original articles that inspired you. Look into celebrity news and see who is acting up, doing well, breaking down, and blowing up. People love to read other opinions about celebrities, it’s like they are drawn to the kind of gossip they dish out. Just find something interesting and write about it yourself. When all else fails blog about television or movies, nothing is more current than the new releases people are gabbing about.

Inspiration for great posts is everywhere you just have to search for it. There are so many ideas you haven’t even thought about yet, and make sure when you are searching and come across a great idea for a post in the future that you write it down. This way you always have ideas to fall back on when that block hits you.