The Revolution Of Headphones And Speakers

The numerous developments in the production of headphones and speakers have contributed to its consumer’s convenience. Nowadays, headphones and speakers have played an important role in the lives of every human being. Everywhere you go, you will see either a person wearing a headphone or a shop playing music through the efforts of their high-quality speakers.


History Of Headphones

Music to the person’s ear began in the year 1890. This precious creation was made in the pre-broadcast age wherein every individual experienced or listened to music live at bars, music hall, an opera house or other areas of entertainment. It is certainly not being played or heard at home because of the absence of either a headphone or speaker.


A distributed audio system, which was called as the electrophone, has changed this practice. The system was able to relay the live music or play directly to the homes of every resident. It was only at this time when the people experience and appreciate the true and the real wonder of music at home. The home users can just connect their electrophone through the telephone operator and can listen to the music coming from the device through a large stethoscope.

The electrophone was a huge hit and had 600 subscribers by the year 1908. It had garnered £3000 a year in today’s money.

In 1910, Nathaniel Baldwin, who is an electrical engineer, got frustrated because he could not hear the Mormon sermons because of the crowd so he designed the first predecessor of the modern headphone. He invented this device by connecting the 2 sound receivers with a headband.

In 1930, the popular music that different artists created decided to take its course. It was in this year that music has become a great deal to every person. The swing era has started in this year and the invention of the electric guitar has marked the music age.


In 1937, Eugen Beyer’s beyerdynamic DT48, the world’s most famous and first dynamic headphone were created. What is interesting about this creation is that it uses the same technical principles that are being used by the technologists of today. But because of World War II the production of this device was ceased and was again released in the year 1950. It was even being manufactured until the year 2012.

After the Eugen Beyer’s Beyerdynamic DT48, the ‘stick’ headphone was created. The consumers can just walk into the record bars and simply listen to the recording using this device.

In 1960s and 1970s, the famous ‘Walkman’ was created. Because of the standardization and development of technology, compact cassettes have become widely famous. It was commonly used by the people in order to listen to their desired music.


It was only in the year of 1979, that the Sony Company has changed the image of music. The company invented the portable cassette player and entered the famous Sony Walkman. It had accumulated around 200 million units because of its features. In order to make theWalkman more portable than the usual, it had created a lightweight headphone for the convenience of the consumer.

After Apple launched an iPod, which is compatible with windows, it was only in 2003 that the Apple Company has emerged with big sales. In the mid-2000s, the white yet elegant ear bud headphones of Apple have become a fashion statement to most individuals who loved to listen to music.

In 2008, beats have gone to sell billions of dollars and have captured around 50% of the headphone market.

History Of Speakers

It was in the 1920 when the dynamic loudspeaker we know of today was built. Other types of speakers are horns, electro-dynamic loud speakers, flat panel speakers, plasma arc speakers, and piezoelectric speakers.


It was Johann Philipp Reis, a teacher in Germany, was the one who first invented the electronic loudspeaker. In 1876, the famous Alexander Graham Bell also tried to produce a speaker but there was no enough knowledge in physics that could support and supply the materials in making the device.

In 1877, Werner Von Siemens, formulated the idea of developing an electromagnetic coil speaker. Although he had no means to amplify the sound in order to create a very useful loudspeaker, he otherwise formulates and theorized the idea.


It was only in the year of 1920s when numerous engineers and investors have learned the idea on how to perfectly amplify the sound. Today, there are several electro-dynamic loudspeakers that come from different types and can produce a high quality sound for certain range of frequencies. Examples of which are the: tweeter (2kHz – 20kHz), mid-range speaker (300 – 5kHz), woofers (40 – 1 kHz), and sub-woofers (20 – 200 Hz).

The music has been changed tremendously because of these innovations. People don’t need to go to bars, theatres, or other halls just to listen to music. The innovations of headphones and speakers conveniently improved the lives of every individual. They can relax and listen to the beautiful sound of music by the beach, in the kitchen, library, hotel, or wherever they may be.

People can now express their feelings through music because they now have the means to listen to it without exerting so much effort to perform a play or anything. Everywhere we go we hear our favorite song just by walking right into a coffee shop or bar. This was made possible through the efforts of the brilliant minds in the past. Without them, more so without their inventions, what would the world be like? Without music in our ears or surrounding, our world will be as dull as our problems.


Working Hard Is The Only Way To Succeed

No person comes across a success in life by just simply hoping for it to come by the front porch. In order that one can achieve true success in life, it is needed that one must possess the strength of mind and the body that can endure all the struggles or hard work. These two are needed in order for a person to reach his maximum or full potential. A right attitude towards everything you encounter is also very important. Also, the ability to prioritize your goals before everything else and a firm grasp of self-discipline can lead you towards reaching the success you longed for. According to Henry Ford, you get lucky because of the hard work you have exerted to your work. There is no better substitute for working hard.


What’s Wrong With Taking The Shortcut?

The best part about exerting hard work into your work is that when all comes to an end, you have achieved your goals, and you get the time to reminisce all those you have done, it will make you smile and boost your self-esteem because you will realize that you can do anything you need to do just to achieve your goal. It is also important that you work smart in achieving your goals. In the end, you will be glad to know that you have passed all those hard obstacles.

there is no easy way

Nothing in this world comes easy, especially when it involves success. The famous Abraham Lincoln has worked hard throughout his years without getting disappointed at the results. He even lost track of his failures, but it did not stop him for a second. The maker of the Webster’s Dictionary, Noah Webster, even took him about 36 years just to compile all those words and meanings in a single book. Without their success, perseverance, and hard work, what would the world be like?


It is noteworthy that there are no shortcuts in life. If there are any, it won’t last. In just a split second, that easy success will go to oblivion. Everything that lasts longer is built longer with all the hard work it takes. Take for example a house, if it is made in just a few days or weeks with less hard work and planning, it will easily be destroyed by the different calamities that will come its way. But when it is built with hard work and good planning, it can surpass every calamity for a very long time.

How Can A Person Overcome Success Despite All Those Hindrances?

Heightened hard work attitude coupled with exceptional skills can help a person overcome success despite the numerous obstacles in life. What makes a person worthy of the success he has obtained is the way he handles the obstacles. In reaching the success that you wanted, it is important to handle those obstacles in the right way. The ability to keep on struggling through those obstacles is what makes everything worth remembering when you have already attained your desired success. Always bear in mind that giving up because of your failures only wastes your efforts and time.


A painter, athlete, artists, dancer, lawyer, doctor, and other professionals who have attained their success in life kept on struggling and trying before until they have perfected their work or goals. Thomas Edison has failed about 10,000 times before he achieved his discovery. His work on the light bulb was very challenging and there are so many hindrances, but he never gave up on his dream. This is the kind of hard work that every person must have in order to attain their true success. It must be genuine and with all passion. It should not be measured by whatever you have or how high your position is, it is important that in every aspect of your life, hard work must exist.

A lot of us think that every successful person has been “born in the right place and the right time”, but do you not wonder that this maybe just one of the excuses of not trying to work hard for something we want. Sooner or later, as the time goes by, each and every one of us will realize that with success there is no right time and right place. It may be a coincidence, but it can never determine the success in your life. Take for example some of the famous and successful person on this planet: Michael Jordan, Elon Musk, Vincent Van Goch, and other people. These people did not wait for the right time or the right place, they just simply look for solutions or options that will make their dreams can true. And these solutions and options are made possible because of all the hard work they have exerted. Nothing is impossible as long as you put your head into it coupled with a touch of hard work.

Why giving to others is the key to success

These days, getting ahead in the business world is less about who you are and more about who you know. Deals are brokered and agreed upon over dinners and in golf courses and a smile and a handshake can sometimes be worth more than the words on the contract. But the benefits of great social skills aren’t limited to CEOs and corporate VIPs. Here’s how anybody can benefit from improved social skills.


Be generous

I’m not referring to doling out gifts or treats to those you’re trying to woo. What I mean is be generous with the things that matter in a business environment. Be generous with your time. If you have clients, make sure each one feels valued, like they are more than just a number to you. Be generous with your work. Don’t just limit yourself to the bare minimum required to squeak by unnoticed. Be generous with your colleagues. Give them your time, help them if they’re stuck on something or teach them that Excel trick that will have their spreadsheet done in minutes rather than hours. Give advice when someone is having issues or appears to be falling behind. Give your customers the best experience they could ask for. These seem like little things, but in the long run they add up to a lot of positive feedback. That client or customer might give you a glowing review to your superior. That colleague might be in a hiring position one day and will remember the help you gave. Your boss will remember the quality of your work and your positive attitude next time he or she is considering promotions.


Be genuine

There is nothing more important in the business world than your word, and your reputation gets slowly built up from the first day you walk into the office. If you’re the type of person that promises a report, but then doesn’t have it ready by the deadline, people will notice. If you act nicely to your colleagues, but then talk badly about them behind their back, they’ll find out. Even though you might think honesty, forthrightness and transparency aren’t as important as intelligence and skill, no one wants to be involved financially with someone they can’t trust. Trust will make your boss give you greater and greater responsibilities, leading to promotions. Trust will keep that client by your side, referring you to friends and family and growing your client base. Trust will make your colleagues vouch for you if ever their opinions are asked. Everyone says cunning is what gets you ahead, but in reality it’s your character and how people perceive you that does.


Be humble

Being humble doesn’t mean not taking credit for your work, it simply means not boasting. No body wants to work with a person who can’t stop talking about themselves and their accomplishments. Unless you’re asked directly, keep your opinion of your work to yourself, even if you believe it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Business is all about relationships, and although brains and ability are necessary to carry out your work, genuinely good relationships with colleagues, bosses and clients are what will get you ahead. Just think about how you believe you deserve to be treated, and treat everyone else accordingly. You’ll be climbing that corporate ladder in no time.

Start Over and Learn How to Sell Yourself Better

Everyone wants a brighter future for their children but if you want to succeed in a very competitive world, you want to save yourself from some of the common and costly mistakes people make that hinder them and prove to be barriers to their success.  The process of learning how to sell yourself better begins with determining what needs to be done in order for change for the better to happen. Some people consult with life coaches to help them identify the stumbling blocks in their life which are hindering them from achieving personal success. If you know about something you are already doing that is working well for you, then it is a good idea to do more of that.


Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds

Certainly by putting more thought into your appearance is one way of moving forward with confidence. Clothing has a powerful effect on the wearer as well as the observer. What you wear makes a statement.  The way you dress says much about you – it is non-verbal communication. A life coach will explain how the right clothes and a groomed appearance are powerful ways to improve your ability to attract people.

Nobody has to adopt a bland, standardized form of dress – the idea is look the best you can. Your outfit will match the way you want to be perceived. You may think you are being ‘individual’ by opting to wear shorts, sandals and revealing clothes for an interview, but you’ll also be sending out the message that you’re not a serious professional.

Get to know your Skills and Strengths
Other steps to selling yourself the right way is to –

● Realize that you have skills worth talking about. People sometimes worry about ‘over-selling’ themselves – coming across as boastful and arrogant, but you are merely articulating yourself in a convincing way.

  • In a quiet and assured way, tell your recruiters about your skills and highlight what you are particularly good at. You’ll sell yourself better when you give your recruiter the time and space to carefully consider and weigh up your offerings. Nothing is more off-putting than a loud and berating way, running down other people who have applied for the position, and aggressively trying to persuade your interviewers that you are the one.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic – both these characteristics can be developed by being interested in life – seeing it as an adventure and associating with positive people.

    You Sell Yourself Better when You Love what You’re Doing

    It is no good being too cautious and afraid of progressive thinking. Every day presents a chance to live your true purpose and if you believe you can’t do something, you are denying yourself the chance of doing something brilliant. You can’t sell yourself however if you’re not doing what you love.

  • Ask yourself what comes naturally to you, what brings you fulfillment and what gives you a sense of personal achievement. In the wrong job? Change your focus to what you love. Take time to be still and to think about what success is about. Look and feel good about yourself and selling yourself better will come naturally to you.

Living a Healthy Life

Thomas Mention put it very beautifully – “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”One thing that people are often seengrappling with in life is the idea of how to live a balanced life. More often than not, we see ourselves leaning in one direction, and we are left wanting in other equally important areas of our life. We end up devoting most of our time to a couple of things and end up downplaying others.  And what is the result? We don’t feel contended, even if we are making good amount of money.


There are several books and courses out there that claim to teach you how to live a healthier and balanced life. The tips they give are often helpful, but they seem to be common sense.  So if you want to know how to live a healthy life, here are my tips for a healthy balanced life.

Mind what you eat

First of all you need to concentrate on what you’re putting into your body. Making sure you are ingesting the right amount of fruits and vegetables daily will give you the nutrients you need to stay healthy and feel better. There are healthy foods you can substitute for your normal snacks and meals that will make a huge difference in your life. You just have to make a conscious decision to make better choices.



Next in a way to find balance in your life is regular exercise. You just need to get moving at a rate you’re comfortable with. This could be as simple as taking a walk around the building on your lunch break or going on a hike on the weekend. Taking classes and riding your bike are just a couple ways you can change it up to make sure you are having fun and not tiring of your workout. When you get your heart beating you are working out your heart. You need to make sure you are staying active so you can stay healthy.


Get Enough Rest

Getting enough rest is so important to your health because when you aren’t well-rested, it can affect you both physically and mentally. For most people, a solid eight hours is ideal, but you have to find a routine that works for you and make sure you know how much you need to function properly. Naps are good to help you get rest during the day. Sometimes a refreshing power nap can be all you need to turn a bad day around.


Have Fun

Finally having fun is important to living a healthy life. It can’t always be time for work; you have to incorporate some leisure into your daily routine. Whether it’s doing something you enjoy or playing a sport with your friends, you have to make time for things that are just to relax and have fun. This is a way to deal with stress and make sure you don’t let it rule your life.


These are some easy tips to follow, but they work for everyone. When you pay attention to the small things you can do to enrich your life, you automatically become healthier. These are essential things every person needs in their life and when you make sure you are taking time to focus on your health you will find getting everything in comes a lot easier.

How to Start a Writing Business on Freelancer Sites

Whether you are a writer or a work provider looking to hire a core team of writers, freelancing is fast becoming the next big thing in online business. Freelancing is everything peoples say it is, the good things that is. However, without the right foundation you will never see success.


While some people may not agree entirely with this idea, the aim of this blog post is to save you time, money, and disappointment in the world of freelancing. You are essentially going to use your talents and interests to earn money online or find like-minded people to do it for you. The following applies to writers and outsources alike.

  1. Plan Before Content

Getting to this step first is slightly more important than pricing your work and crafting a business/brand name. Freelancing as a writer is all about the content, namely, what you write for sundry businesses. Initially, there will be plenty of content creation to write before you can establish yourself as a freelancer.


  • Choose the kind of content you can write or want to find writers for. This is important and serves as your niche. There is simply too much content out there, to the tune of millions of topics, for you to write about. Shortlist the ones you are best at and save yourself a world of pressure and rejection.
  • Get all the required professional data to go on websites like Elance, Upwork and several other renowned and respected freelancer portals. We will discuss what you need for this in the next sub-heading.
  • Always rely on schedules to help complete work on time. Clients no matter how good a writer you are do not appreciate tardiness. Project completion dates, times, and deadlines are quite important.
  1. Professional Polish

Content crafting comes under ‘things to do’ but to be able to do them you first need to be selected for the job. Credentials, extras, and several other things are needed to instil a professional feel to your online presence. How else will work givers feel confident enough to invest their time and money in your skills when you yourself do not invest in making a good professional presentation of them?


  • Pricing – Sites dedicated to helping you learn how to price your work are available to guide you with this step in more detail than we can get into here. Thing is, you need to price according to the work output and time you are wiling to invest. Writers need to get paid just as well as other professionals.
  • Credentials – Resume, work samples, a portfolio of complete works done, recommendations, client testimonials, star rating, a professional headshot, and specific fields of expertise. These are some of the things you must have on any professional site where you hold an account. These help sell your image and services to new and established clients alike, further instilling your steady reliable approach to freelancing.


Once you have all the above down pat, the only thing left is to target the right clientele, namely those who provide work based on your specific skill set. This is your niche.

The next step is carrying you with professional composure, submit projects on time, and write excellent content. Go out of your way to establish yourself in the freelancing circuit.

Once you have found your place in it, you will start to see bigger and better pay and clients willing to pay you on a long-term basis to work with them. You have yourself a successful writing business with freelancing.

How To Cut Down On Distractions During Work

Distractions, distractions, distractions. Your smartphone never seems to stop ringing, your colleague never knows how to shut up, and your manager never stops going to your desk. Our everyday life’s work is filled with numerous distractions that make our time less valuable than we can think of. In one moment Facebook caught your attention and a few minutes another in your smartphone caught half of the time for your work.


Several distractions in a day can lead to a whole lot of consuming your time in useless matters. It can lead to a low productivity for the day, can cause you a bunch of work in the next morning, and can definitely increase your frustration level. On the brighter side, there are different ways of how to cut down on distractions at work that can help you become a better and productive person.

The How’s

First things first, you need to have a personal inventory of everything that you think is a distraction when you are working. Make sure that you list down everything, in this way your time will no longer be bothered. You don’t want something popping out of your schedule to distract you when you are in the middle of doing something important. Don’t do something that is out of your schedule.


Second, try reading newspapers or new reports early in the morning when you are having your breakfast. It can help improve your general knowledge on other matters. Never read news reports on your smartphone every time you have a vacant hour. It will only cause you another distraction. Sooner or later you will realize that you are no longer reading the news, you are already reading your news feed on Facebook. Switch off or switch your phone to silent mode if you can when you are working.


Third, when you are surrounded by your family and friends, make sure that you tell them not to disturb you. Same goes with your colleagues at work. It is important that they should know. Tell them that you need to concentrate on your work and you cannot afford to be distracted in those times.

Fourth, increase your focus. Learn how to control the noise that surrounds you. Also, you can download instrumental songs and save it in your iPod so that you have something to listen instead of just listening to your colleagues or friends blabber about something that is not important.


Lastly, make the most out of your time. Prioritize the different things you have to do for the day. Knowing things that you need to prioritize makes your day stress and frustrations free. You will be able to do everything you need to do for the day.

There may be a lot of ways to cut down distractions when at work, but the most important and valuable attitude that must be remembered and practiced is to have self-discipline. What you want to obtain will just go to waste if there is no discipline at all. It is “Discipline” that makes and helps achieve you whatever you are eyeing for. Everything you do in life must always be coupled with discipline.

The Benefits of Making Your Own Food At Home

Eating food outside in a restaurant may be considered as a treat by many families. But more often than not, this has become a daily routine for most of the Americans. Though it is convenient to eat outside, which can save some time, it cannot always be healthy. The nutritional value that your body receives by eating home cooked food cannot be replaced even by the best of the restaurants in the town.


Let us now see some of the most important advantages of eating home cooked food:

Save money: Packed food or eating in a restaurant can cost you considerably more than the costs incurred when you cook your own food. Moreover, you can pack the leftovers and take it to your office as a lunch. This way, you can save money on both your breakfast and lunch. Do not mind to spend a little of the money thus saved on a green tea or some fresh juice after you are done with your lunch.


Lose Weight: As we all know, fast food centers and the so-called high-end restaurants use lots of oil, cheese, salts, and spicy ingredients in a quest to make their food taste better than the others. This can induce bad cholesterol into your body and not to mention the high levels of blood pressure. On the other hand, when you prepare your own food, you tend to use less oil and salts, and of course limited spices. This will not only keep you healthy, but will also keep you lose weight in a healthier way.


Balanced diet: If you can take some time out of your weekend and plan a weekly diet menu, it will not only save you a lot of time and money, but will also help you and your entire family to be physically fit and healthier. Hence, when going on a shopping, please see to it that you include all those items in your grocery list which are rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and essential fats. These nutritional elements are capable of not only nourishing an adult’s body, but also play an equally important role in the healthier of your children. Hope you do not forget to add some fresh fruit and green leafy vegetable to that list!


Healthy cooking methods: When cooking your own food, one tries to use healthy cooking methods which most of the restaurants do not. For example, most restaurants use butter, cheese, or oils that are full of trans-fats, to make their dishes taste better than their competitors. But when you are cooking on your own, you tend use more healthier cooking methods such as using a cooking spray that has a little or no fats, olive oil and vegetable oil which are both healthier and taste good as well.



Apart from the above mentioned nutritional, economical and physical benefits, preparing your own food at home and making your family members a part of it (whenever possible) can be a lot of fun. This way you can interact with your family members in a fun atmosphere, share your love for one another, and remember, all of this is being done while a tastier and healthier dish is on its way!

The Reason I Like Cycling So Much

Loving a new hobby or interest is an important matter. It can help you unravel the thoughts you have because you have a lot of time to think about it or you can forget them as well and concentrate on what you are doing. In my case, I like it when I’m out going for a bike. It makes me help forget my worries and make my body physically feet.


Advantages Of Cycling

Aside from the reason that cycling is fun, it is also a healthy and not so strenuous activity compared to running. In cycling, the body does not work so hard. A cyclist enjoys his time and effort in doing the sport he loves and not able to experience severe physical strain. It is one of the easiest and fun ways for a person to exercise and is highly recommended for people who encountered injuries in order to rehabilitate the body. One health benefit of cycling is that it reduces the high risk of having heart disease because it builds up muscle tone, strength and stamina.


Also, it plays a huge role in stress relieving and can also protect the environment at the same time. This sport helps you reconnect yourself with the wonders that are given to us. Experiencing nature can serve as one of the factors why a person releases stressful memories. Their thoughts are transferred into a whole new dimension. You can release those stressful thoughts and concentrate to your next turn. With regards to the environment, the act of cycling does not excrete carbon and therefore, not harming the environment. Instead of people riding cars, they will be motivated to ride a bike to work or to any place they want to go.

Cycling can also help with weight loss and great sleep. Exerting more effort to your pedal stroke, maintain a healthy posture, and having a ride far enough to develop your stamina can definitely burn more fat than you can ever imagine. While cycling burns calories by pedaling your way to the next destination, it also burns calories when you stop at the destination for a quick rest. It also helps in boosting up your energy for the next bike trip and increases the energy level of the brain. In connection to having a great sleep, when you are exhausted after a bike ride, the tiredness will contribute to a heavy and relaxing sleep and in the morning you will feel energized and fit.


Along with the reasons why I like cycling, the most important reason is that when I am going out to the road or mountains to go for a bicycle trip with my friends every weekend. The sense of freedom when we ride makes my day complete. Cycling makes all of my muscles to function in order to be physically fit. It teaches me to orient myself with all the dangers that I am facing in the road at the same time navigate against it to avoid injuries. And cycling with friends is fun and never boring!

Three Ways to Attract Customers to your Business Using the Internet

Gaining an internet presence is one of the best ways to gain customers in this century. Everyone has a smart phone and checks their social media pages daily. The Google search engine has become the world’s leader in internet searches and the normal person’s go-to for questions and information.


Using the internet is the best way to gain new business and expand your customer base. By becoming a ranked business on Google, creating a Facebook page, and creating a Twitter account, you have the power to attract customers that you never had the opportunity to reach before.

Google search engine works by matching a person’s search terms to articles and websites that most closely reflect the search term. Google ranks websites and companies by their relevance to the search term and then displays the results to the user.

The results could be hundreds of pages long, and chances are that the user will only look at the first three pages for their search needs. The best way to increase your Google rankings is to integrate search term optimization strategies into your website content. Create articles that have titles that contain common search terms.

Insert keywords into your content. The more of keywords you add, the higher ranked your company will be. This will cause your website to come up first in Google searches. Potential customers will have a greater chance of visiting your products and buying your wares.


Every member of the generation born in 1990 and later is guaranteed to have some form of social media account. One of the most popular social media websites is Facebook. This website allows you to create an account where you can post status updates, upload pictures, and instant message with your friends.

Facebook also allows people to join groups and like pages created my companies or famous icons. A Facebook page would allow you to post information about your company and its products, post pictures of wares and events, host events, and so much more. Facebook works well because when a person likes your page, every one of that person’s friends will see your page in their newsfeed. The more popularity you gain, the more people see your company. This is a free and very easy way to gain a more prominent Internet presence.


The next most popular social media website is Twitter. This website is a little different. You can create an account, have a picture, and post short statuses. Celebrities utilize twitter to most their thoughts about certain subjects. On twitter, you can reference certain groups or pages known as “hash tags” because these references start with a “#” symbol. If you create one of these references, people will be able to chatter about your company and your products to their heart’s content. Everyone who follows people that use your reference will see your company and might check out your wares.


Developing an internet presence in this day and age is the best way to attract new customers to your business. Invest in search term optimization, create a Facebook page, and create a twitter presence. People are just waiting to discover your company and buy your products.