How to get your audience attention through social networks

A friend of mine approached me this morning and asked me how can he get more visitors at his restaurant. He is a nice guy and he lives in Berlin where the vegan trend is quite hot these days. I mean this is a trends that washed the world but after Tel aviv which was only recently nominated as the top Vegan city in the world, Berlin is ranked second place.

He opened a very nice place called Kiez Vegan. This place serves nice vegan food from all kinds of sorts. It starts with salads and ends with different pastries cakes, soups and everything is 100% vegan. He said it isn’t going so well ever since he opened and asked me what he could do better.

Well I told him that these days the internet is what really makes a difference for people and the way you appear there will determine how much exposure you will get. Of course there are other elements as well that are related to the location etc… but I am more of a writer and a copywriter so I ten to think about the internet mostly.

So I checked up some of the things he was doing. now there first thing I noticed was that their facebook page was not active in many months. so basically it doesn’t interact with their users enough to attract attention. I looked for solutions and browsed an interesting post today which really makes a clear cut on the do’s and don’ts of social media. This is one core element that I have talked to him about. you need to actively add content to your page or it won’t be so visible.

The second thing was that I actively suggested him to get more reviews to his social platforms.

This can be achieved by placing a tablet or a laptop in the restaurant offering a small discount or a free drink for posting a review. in the end of the day more reviews equals more exposure on the web. I hope that for now he has enough homework to do and improve his position. after all without online and social activities it won’t survive and that would be a pity.

So I hope for him by all means that he will get things done to improve. he is a good friend and the last thing I wanna see is him losing such a nice business idea.


Top 3 principles for writing fast and good

Hi Guys,

Many friends asked me lately how one can write good and fast. so I decided to write this post (Let’s hope it won’t turn against me in case you won’t consider it as a good piece 🙂 ). in any case I tend to get things fast and this helps me turn almost any subject into a post, an article or a lecture.

As far as I remember myself I never had these skills so this means they have evolved. I don’t come from a family of lecturers or speakers and certainly not writers. so how can this be you ask? I have no idea as well but I just realized that my ability to adapt fast to changes and to consume new input is what makes this skill possible.

1. Never take yourself and others too seriously when writing

I chose to start with this principle since in my eyes it’s the number one killer of fast writing. It’s very simple. you can mostly see it among perfectionists. I mean if you are not the next nietzsche then you will end up writing very slow due to your perfectionism.

Since  you are so worried with the critics that will read your article you might spend much overtime on small details that wouldn’t make a difference in the core of your message. it’s hard to stop with this pattern especially if you are a perfectionist.

Bu the best advice I can give you is “loosen up”. if you got a good message, the right people will read it when you are freely letting your knowledge flow out.

2. Review other materials but always speak from your own experience

This is a very simple principle in fast writing. when you are citating others you don’t have to think you are taking responsibility for what they said nor the validity of what they wrote. in the end if it’s not a scientific article it;s purely their opinion.

You are simply expressing your own opinion which is like any other opinion completely subjective to your view of the world. it’s completely fine to simply support your statement with other useful pieces you see on the web.

You do not need to study for hours each post and author you refer to in order to avoid mistakes… it’s only blogging!

3. Be sincere

This is a short and easy one, Simply write as if you were talking to your best friend, your loved one or any other person with whom you feel most comfortable to express yourself. simply try to make it a story, share things that happened to you. give examples, express what worries you.

In the end identification of others with your honesty and directness is what will make the connection and build your readers audience.

Practice those principles, be light weighted, allow yourself to flow with your writing. don’t fear of mistakes, we all make them every single second (which makes me doubt the mere existence and definition of the word “mistake”)

Hope this helps!

(BTW I wrote this in 10 minutes 🙂 )