How To Create A Killer Mobile Design

Despite of its increasing popularity, the theories on how to design a perfect mobile app have not become a general knowledge that can be mastered by all. If you happen to be designing a mobile app right now but you do not have a clue on what you should really do, check out these tips and tricks on making a killer mobile app design:

Think About The Grid and Spacing

Grids are there to guide you in designing your mobile app. It may be not really visible, but making use of it will definitely help you a lot in positioning elements which will be included in your mobile app. In line with the importance of grid usage in designing your mobile app, you should also take note of the elements spacing because once you place a line, a dot or a word into the canvas screen, you will have your padding and margins defined. Ensure that you maintain consistency between the widths and heights of both the margins and padding. Margins and padding should be equal unless it is differentiated for a specific purpose.


Take Note of Color Hierarchy

Using different color shade can imply a certain level of hierarchy when used in your mobile app design. Once you put a black button alongside buttons that are dark grey and light grey colored, your visitors will be more inclined to click the black one because it is the one that you seem to value the most. As a result, you may want to highlight the most important buttons with the bolder colors.

Furthermore, bear in mind that certain colors are also associated with certain meanings. For example, as red is indicated as stop and green refers to go in the traffic light system, you may not want to color your action buttons with the color red because the viewers will actually see it as a big no-no. Rather than getting them to buy from you, it is highly likely that they will click the cancel button basically because it is not the red one. However, color associations are very heavily cultural and for that reason you should research on it thoroughly to decide which colors should be used when designing a mobile app for certain markets.

Choose The Right Color and Shade

If you were to design a mobile app for a certain company or for your own company if you must, make sure that you choose the colors and shades that represent the brand. Brand builds emotional connection between the customers with the products or services. Color plays a major role in maintaining that connection in the most delicate but effective ways.

To get the right color you should also know the basic knowledge that revolves around it, such as the concept of hue, tint, tone and shade. First and foremost, hue is the base red, blue or green color. If you add white to the base colors, it means that you are adding a tint of the color. On the contrary if you add black, it means that the new color that you created is a shade of the color. Therefore, when explaining about a color, you should call it the correct way because you cannot have a ‘shade’ and a ‘tint’ together at once, because when you add both black and white (basically adding grey) to a hue, it will be called a tone.

Present A Kickass Logo

Just like it is vital to make sure that color selections emphasize the brand’s presentation in your mobile app, check out the logo as well because a logo that is created without thoughtful considerations may bring a bad image to the business. Design is constantly changing, so it is also important to make sure that the business’s logo is not outdated. If changes need to be made then carry it out because it will help bring out an overall professional and reliable atmosphere to the customer’s minds.


Mind The Screen Title

Screen titles are important both for a mobile app as well as in a website. On websites, screen titles will remind user of what the page is about after they opened so many tabs of which they cannot remember each and every one of the page contents. As for mobile apps, they will take up quite a huge percentage of the very limited space, so make sure that it really helps the user to remember which pages that they are currently on. If you think it is quite obvious, you can skip the screen title or you can make it go away after several scrolling downs. Another alternative to making the best out of a screen title space would be to transform it into a search area, because it is one of the features that your customers probably will need the most.

Repeat Elements

Consistency should also be maintained throughout the process of designing a mobile app, and this includes repeating the same elements continuously. For example, if you give your previous “Purchase” buttons the orange color, then you should remember to color it orange the next time. In addition, if the purchase screen gets 15 px of padding for its sides, it will look really neat as well if all other screens get 15 px of padding for their sides.

Ensure Text’s Presentation To Create Hierarchy

In addition to using color boldness to emphasize hierarchy, the text’s presentation itself can also be arranged in such a way that the customers understand, which options are more important than others. You can always make use of caps, underline, contrast, indent, and a title case. If you want to go to the extra mile you can also make use of lines and spaces to separate a more important text from the rest.


Provide Fast and Instant Interactions

Customers expect that the mobile apps will load and respond quickly without any delay or significant loading time. They also expect all the interactions that are contained in the mobile app to be efficient and not time consuming. This is definitely a challenge for mobile app developers because certain interactions inevitably take a longer time. Despite the fact, there is a simple trick to it.

When you are designing your mobile app you must be aware that customers expect some sort of feedback for every interaction. They want something to happen when they swipe, click, or tap. Even though the completion of certain interaction may take a while, you can always add a simple animation or a simple feedback to ascertain the customers that their request has been accepted and it is currently being processed. By doing so, you will give the system to process the main interaction requested without having to make the customers lose patience over it because everything else is happening while they wait.

Use The Right Font

Using the right font can also help strengthening the brand’s image as well as making the apps to look more catchy and interesting. It is also very tempting to use decorative Jessica Hische sophisticated fonts, you should consider a few things before deciding to use a certain font for the mobile app that you are designing. You need to make sure that the font is legible and not too hard to read, whereas it needs to have a variety of weights and boldness to go with your design. Also take note that most of the customers will not be able to differentiate between Arial, Helvetica, Roboto or Avenir as long as you provide a clean and convenient typeface. If your brand does not require you to use a certain specific font style, it may be good for you to just stick to the standard ones rather than spending time to test out and choose those more complicated fonts.

Make It Battery Friendly

As an added bonus, you may want to design a mobile app that will not drain your customer’s battery very quickly. This comes down to a lot of factors, and in the research conducted by Purdue University and Microsoft it was discovered that Android app ad-serving was actually responsible for around seventy five percent app-related battery drain. In other words, if you install free version of certain apps it will be more likely to drain your battery faster because of the advertisements that are displayed inside them.

Speaking from the app developer’s point of view, one of the temporary solutions that can save the customer’s battery life would be to shut down ad-serving processes whenever possible. However, these ad-serving processes will very often re-launch shortly after being terminated, so it does not significantly help the battery’s life so to speak. More importantly, you can also set the location services that are integrated in your mobile app (if any) to only run when needed. A lot of phone users are not aware of the things like navigation and mapping apps that require location services to be continuously turned on, and as a result, they wonder why every two or three hours they need to charge their phones even though it costs them a huge deal of trouble. You should also turn off automatic video streaming feature when designing your mobile app because downloading that much data drains the customer’s battery aside from also burning their data plan. Let the customer view the videos when they want instead of automatically playing it whenever they open your app.



3 Ways to Use CRM to Ramp Up Your Sales


As many entrepreneurs, like myself, I have to manage my time efficiently and effectively to get promising results, at all times finding new ways to get things done is not an easy task. One means that I’ve encountered that could satisfy this need is a program called CRM or Customer Relationship Management software.


People tend to misguidedly think that CRM is a tool that marketers use, or it’s just a place to throw all your contact information. That’s simply not the case; it’s also a fantastic tool to increase the sales for your industry, as long as it works and it improves your business never hesitate to use it.


CRM solutions today are more refined and useful than their previous versions. Here are helpful ways to use CRM To Ramp up your sales:


  1. Micro Management


The more projects you have, the more demanding it is to your time, particularly if you are a solo entrepreneur. But whether you handle your business alone or have a group of people who do so, you always need a system to guarantee that you wouldn’t lose or miss sales.


Using Customer Relationship Management, you can follow opportunities and even mark priorities in order to inform you what is important in your schedule. It will inform on what tasks that needs priority to get a lead to the next phase in the business process, and make sure that there is a person assigned for that job. If that person is you, you can make use of the project management features to plan what you are tasked to do. Having better insight into that possibility gives you a better understanding and control over your work.


  1. Appropriate Management


Sealing a deal on a sale is basically a project, there may be numerous individuals involved, from your team conveying a custom email offers to the persons in charge of the sale, and the customer service representatives running the ongoing connection. To keep in check on every phase of the project, a CRM with management keeps you informed on sales-related emails, allocate tasks, and be informed when a project-related file is transferred to your CRM. There’s no reason for not sealing the deal when everyone’s doing their task, and when you receive a prompt that an assignment needs to be finished by a deadline.


  1. Staying in touch with clients


On a daily basis, when you’re managing or inputting leads into your contact platform whether You’ve got existing leads, open and previous customers, or cold leads they all are equally important. One of the principal factors in the accomplishment of first-time and second time sale is how you manage to stay in contact and supply value to those leads and acquaintances.


This makes it simple to connect with your associates on social media or other sites and maintain your email in a particular place so you don’t waste time looking through your inbox to find an old email. You can observe what the community is saying on social media sites and get in touch with them when suitable.


Taking notes on conversations you’ve previously had makes it simpler for any person on your group to see those files and know where to start on when they take part in that customer relationship, or just to rejuvenate your own memory the next instance entertain a customer. Spending a reduced amount of time organizing your contacts gives you more time to spend in actually providing service to them.


CRM can be used to make more simple sales process, and I give it extra points because you can achieve so much more with it together with mastering your marketing promotion and by staying in touch with your contacts. Because this CRM is very useful to you and/or your sales group, it’s an essential asset in your business.


8 Relationship Mistakes Everyone Makes

Even though it is not that easy to lay down all your relationship problems on the table, you can never deny the fact that talking about your problems will give you a relief. Problems in a relationship is inevitable, thus, it is wise that you know these 8 mistakes usually committed by most individuals.


Pleasing Your Partner


Pleasing your partner by doing things you don’t normally do will only create relationship mistakes along the way. There is really nothing wrong when you do things for your partner since it is usually considered as a product of love. What is wrong here is when you push yourself in doing something you don’t love because you just want to please your partner. This will soon lead to a resentful feeling when you start to expect things from your partner in exchange of the sacrifices you have done.




Another relationship mistake is when you and your partner become codependent. This happens when you and your partner start dating and you become closer each passing day until you can no longer spend time apart. In the early stage of your relationship, you will not yet notice that becoming codependent with one another is not good for the relationship. But, when you do, you will feel that you have not enough room to breathe, tensions will rise, and other results will come crashing in until your relationship will end.


Snoop. Snoop. Snoop


Snooping on each other is never a good habit in a relationship. It would imply that you don’t trust your partner because you are snooping around his things or other transactions. Whether or not snooping around can be justified, still, when this trait is established, it will be hard to stop. Aside from being established, it will trigger other bad habits and you will end up terminating your relationship.




When things go tough, you should always remember not to blame each other. Blaming one another will not solve anything; it will only create and instigate other problems and open topics which have long been closed. What you should do is to talk things out and see to it that the mistake will no longer be made.




Trying to change the person is only beneficial and good for the relationship when it is a change for the better. What makes it a mistake is that most individuals change their partner to make them the person they dreamed of.


Not Empathetic Enough


Whenever two people engage in a relationship, they always want the best. What is interesting, and confusing, at the same time, is when they argue and it is not empathetic enough. Their passion and love for each other can sometimes get out of line. When you get in a fight, make sure that you won’t say things you will regret after the fight because when you do, there is no taking back.


Uncomfortable Information


Most individuals, no matter what age you are in, often communicate through text messages, dating, apps, and social media. Talking face-to-face is rarely being done nowadays. Thus, another mistake in a relationship is that even the touchy and uncomfortable subjects are discussed through these media.


Impossible Expectations


The most common relationship mistake is creating impossible expectations. You can never deny the fact that there are times when you believe that you deserve a perfect partner. Although it may be true, it is never acceptable to create expectations beyond the capacity of your partner. Expectation only creates disappointment. Just concentrate or focus on your own acts and do things which you think is right and beneficial to your relationship. Expecting too much from your partner will only create pressure between the two of you.


3 Steps to Better Understanding Your Customers

Your customers are generally the most important component of your business. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to sell anything or worse, stay in business. There are a few methods outlined below that delve into things you can do to better understand the people you need most, customers.


Create a Target Customer


The first thing you have to do: figure out who your customers are! Sometimes this can be the quickest and easiest way to make sure you are marketing your products to the right people to buy them. You can develop a few target customer types and then make sure to market to them. If there is a customer type that generally doesn’t buy from you, what can you do to interest them?


This exercise involves continual revision as the store and your customers change. The current season, holidays, anything to help you more accurately predict and market to the actual people coming into your store. You ensure happier customers and potentially more customers as your efforts are seen by the people you’re trying to impress.


Ask Them!


The best way to get to know your customers is to ask them. Talk to them, utilize customer surveys, both online and in-store. Ask your employees to see what trends they notice. The more avenues you have of talking to customers and finding out who they are, the more accurate your customer profile is going to be.


Huge benefits come from this as your marketing directly to the people you know are coming in and shopping at your stores. You can accurately change things as necessary with the seasons or with a holiday approaching. In the long run, you are going to see some serious results.


Use Market Research Anywhere You Can


When a new service or product is being brought to your store, ask around about it and see how it’s been doing elsewhere. See what types of customers gravitate toward it and what you can do to get ahead of the game.


When you have as much information as you can about something you’re introducing, you’ll be more prepared for anything unexpected and the expected data you’ll generate. Since you’re ahead of the game, you can try to keep the positive gains for your business going as long as possible.


Each of these steps is helping you and your store to be the most profitable and positive that it can be. When your customers are happy and purchasing, you can guarantee that you and your employees are happy as well. The steps outlined above will help you better market towards your customers as well as attract new ones. There is nothing wrong with working to understand the launch of a new product or service, as the benefits are outstanding. With this new customer-focused mission, your business will see plenty of benefits for work that you are already doing in separate ways. Take these into account when you are planning customer service strategies into your business.

How to Find and Successfully Work With Influencers

Few people only know that “influencer economy” is actually and still the new and extraordinary twist on the classic game of making celebrities endorse a company’s services or products. The only difference and the proper question to answer is, “What constitutes influence?.” Before, only the ones who can get a significant and effective influence are the rich and famous. Today, anyone can do the same using several oaths because of the advent of technology and modernization.


There are a lot of influencers you can find nowadays, it is just a matter of looking the perfect one for the job.




For several years, most company use or pay moms in order to promote their products and services since most of the readers usually trust and have this sense of loyalty when it comes to a mom’s recommendation. There are also a lot of authors who chose to invest their money and effort with social media influencers so as to push their content.


As what Genie Laborde said, “Without rapport, you will not get what you want – not money, not promotions, not friends.” Thus, aside from the wealth that one has, it is crucial that he knows how to build rapport with his customers. It will develop a kind of relationship that will last as long as your company lasts.


How To Find One


According to Kyle Wong on Forbes, influence is a result of a combination of audience reach, brand affinity, and strength of relationship with the followers. Fortunate as it seems, there are many platforms which exist plainly for the purpose of identifying the influencers and will enable any company to connect with them easily. And example would be ClearVoice. It is a creator marketplace which gives every user the ability to discover and realize the optimum and perfect content creators for their specific need. It can go beyond the task of simply finding influencers or creating content because the platform is provided by a workflow for the strategy of the content starting from the beginning up to the end.


With ClearVoice, the company or any kind of business can search for their unique idea lab by keywords or topics for its ideas, add it to a cool calendar, create a project, find and hire an influencer or creator, provide detailed and specific instructions, and measure the results of the company.


It will make it much simple and easier to stay in touch with the projects whenever you have a lot of influencers or creators involved. In addition, you need to remember that creating your content is pretty much as important as promoting it. Whenever you choose a content creator who can also work as an influencer, it is best to ask them first on the rate of their promotion, what are included, and are there any additional promotions covered by the rate.

Another help you can get is from a new social sharing called as Babbly. In this new method of social sharing, influencers can just click on one button and the content of whatever you want your clients to know or show is immediately sent to their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts.




In having a successful work with the influencers, it is important that you should be very clear with your intentions. You need to establish rapport with your clients and make sure that you treat every one of them with respect no matter what status in life they are in. Also, you should never forget to acknowledge their doings when it comes to helping your business. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Let them know that they are important to you!


6 Ways Local Businesses Can Get More Leads From Their Website


Does your website get about, 10%, 20%, or even 50% from your business? Whether or not you get much business from the work done on your website, I am absolutely positive that the idea of getting more is still in your head. Most small business normally struggle when it comes to generating their business online. As per recorded, there is only 12% of the subjects said that only 30% of their business came from the efforts of generating online channels. Even though they got these results from lumping all together email marketing, social media, advertising, and other forms of online channels, the results are still the same.


You can never deny that fact that local or small businesses will always grow most of their business with the use of personal referrals, foot traffic, and other offline sources, without knowing that the Internet world can create a massive opportunity. Thus, if you are one of those who handle local businesses, it is best to consider the online world to be one of your leading income generation channels.


Before anything else, it is first important that you should optimize the website you are using so that everything will go smoothly. After that, here are the 6 ways to help you gain more leads from your website.


Contact Form


It is also important to include a contact form on your website. Few people who handle small businesses know that most of the common reason on why they are losing the business in the online world is that when a customer visits the website there is no possible way to contact the management.


Placing a contact form on your website will give your visitors an easy access to communicate with the person in-charge. Even when no one is there to check the website, the contact form filled up will just be pending on your website’s list. In this way, when someone in-charge is already available, he or she can immediately attend to the needs of the customer.


Location, Number, And Hours Of Business


At the top portion of your website’s page, you should never forget to place your business’ location, phone number, and hours of business. It must be placed on each and every page. The most common reason on why someone is checking out your website is to get any of those 3 pieces of information. You should never make it hard for your visitors or customers to get that information. In order to give more emphasis, you can also place your location, phone number, and hours of business at the bottom of each page.


Mobile Device Test


You should never forget to test your website by using different mobile devices in order to make sure that the site is really functioning well. Bear in mind that you should check it once in a while to avoid any mishaps.




Posting testimonials will also help the business. You can even place these positive feedbacks or testimonials on your homepage so that every visitor can see the kind of work you are doing. Positive feedbacks and other testimonials may also be placed on your lead capture pages so as to help with the conversions.


Cover SEO Bases


Covering SEO bases does not mean that you have to be an expert at SEO. You can just list your website on “Google My Business.” What you only need to learn are the title tags, fundamentals of keywords, learning how to use the different pages, and meta-descriptions.


Display Your Work


Every website has to give its visitors a clear idea on what the business offers, how it works, and what it charge. Never forget to include the price range of the products you are selling in order to avoid any mishaps. Also, put some photographs of your products since these can help in convincing your clients or customers to buy what you are selling.





3 Ways Your Commute Is Killing You – And What To Do About It

How many times did you utter the words, “The traffic is getting into my nerves!”? Well, aside from getting into your nerves, traffic when you commute will literally downgrade your personality and lifestyle. It will even kill you if you don’t do something about it.


Below are just some of the top 3 ways which can explain the reason on why traffic or commuting can kill you, literally.


No Weight Loss


Because of the fact that time spent inside the vehicle is sedentary, the body is usually limited to minimal actions. When you compare the weight difference of daily commuters versus that of the occasional car commuters, the former or the daily commuters tend to gain more weight compared to the latter. Thus, commuters should be careful with every move or act they take, most especially that obesity and being overweight are the 2nd leading cause of death in the United States of America.




Since the time you spend inside the car is very sedentary, it will cause your body to experience different illnesses or diseases. Individuals who normally commute or encounter traffic for more than 20 miles each day can contribute to diseases or illnesses like high cholesterol, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression. Several health authors even blame the consequences inflicted to the body due to the long drives because it leaves lesser time for an individual to perform any routine exercise.


Wearing Out Of Your Body


Several surveys can support the contention that the longer a person commutes, the less sleep a person can get. Since commuters spend more hours traveling or commuting back to their houses, they can only get minimal amount of sleeping hours, thus, making them weary the next day due to lack of sleep.


Ways On How To Go About It


In order to prevent or lessen the risk of killing yourself due to long hours of commuting or traveling, consider the following as a guide.


Work Flexibility


If it would be possible for you to change your work hours, transfer it to a more flexible hour wherein you will no longer encounter the long and unending traffic. You can also consider working at home so that you can save and you get to have a flexible schedule. It will give you more time to focus on your health and exercise.


Use A Bike


You can also consider buying a bicycle and use it as your mode of transportation so that you can work our muscles while you are going to work. Commuting to work or school using a bicycle can help you save small amount of your money a day. You won’t even have to allot a time for your routine exercise since biking to work or to your destination can already be a sufficient exercise to work your muscles.


Travel Time Awareness


Make sure that you know the number of minutes or hours when you are commuting so that you can be fully aware of the circumstances and you can allot a period of time walking instead of riding a vehicle.




5 Inspiring Lessons Taught by Michelle Obama

Being a stylish, intelligent and passionate First Lady of America, Michelle Obama is an inspiration of a lot of people worldwide. To keep up with what our First Lady has spoken and advocated about, here are five valuable lessons that Michelle Obama has taught us:


She Advises Us To Eat Healthy

The First Lady does not only say things without actually doing it herself. Using the White House Kitchen garden as a vegetables and fresh produce source for both the family meals and White House events, Mrs. Obama has succeeded to provide an inspiration for many families in the whole world to do the same thing. Furthermore, she also holds events in their garden to make people actively learn how to plant their own vegetables. The rise of organic, self planted vegetables and fresh produce is on the move, and Michelle Obama is undoubtedly one of its most successful advocates.

She Encourages Children To Be More Active

Michelle Obama is an advocate of healthy lifestyle in general. However, she specifically encourages a healthy lifestyle which utilizes physical exercise as one of its main elements. Her focus then turned to encouraging kids to get more exercise, since child obesity is at an alarming increase rate. As one of the people who always get up early, Mrs. Obama points out that children should use more of their hours going for physical exercises instead of just playing video games or staring at their cell phones. Claiming exercise to be the most effective stress reliever for her, Michelle Obama likes to work out at the gym or go on a bike ride along Lake Michigan.

She Inspires People To Be Modest And Humble

Despite her position as the First Lady of America, Michelle Obama always emphasizes the idea of creating a more equal and just society by giving back to the nation and to other less fortunate people. She previously left a job at a law firm (which pays a huge sum of money) to work in public service area, where she empowered young people to be a volunteer in their own communities. Living a life that is not glamorous and just purely elegant, Michelle and her family has provided a great example on how being humble can bring you success. She managed to be charitable without making it look pretentious because her family also lives a modest life instead of flaunting all their money and power.

She Teaches Valuable Parenting Skills

A great mother to Malia and Sasha, Mrs. Obama prioritizes her parenting task more than others. Together with Mr. President, they are very much hands-on type of parents who are actively involved in their daughters growing up process. Michelle Obama is also very stick with rules as she is an old-school conservative type of parent, and this extends to making sure that her daughters tidy their own rooms without the help of the White House staff who are always ready for them 24/7. Michelle’s parenting method has been followed by many parents who expect their children to be successful adults, instead of falling to the trap of becoming helicopter parents.

She Supports Veterans To Get A Job

Together with Vice President Joe Biden, Mrs. Obama is leading a campaign to encourage companies to employ war veterans who have specialized skills which can be of use in any enterprise or business. This is to ensure that the veterans and their families are supported for the whole duration of their lives and not only when they are on duty. Her kind heart and compassion inspire a lot of people to care about war veterans more, and especially to help them in a way that they needed.


People Who Blend Storytelling In Their Life Live More Awesome


The fact is that if you are able to tell a better story about your life and all that you have done, then you will live a much better life. If you feel stuck in a rut or that you aren’t living the life that you dreamt about when you were younger, then maybe it’s time that you gave storytelling a try and began to rewrite your own story so as to live a better life. Stories are incredibly powerful, and here are some techniques to help you find your truth and write your new life.


All Stories Are Significant


All stories are worth listening to and are important to the narrator in question. Sure maybe your story isn’t as exciting as some others, but it is still your story. Tell it and live it how you want, and there’ll be people ready to listen.


Start With A Bang


As many good short story writers will tell you, ideally you want to always try and start with a great hook to get the readers interested. If you start with a boring intro, then you lose half of your audience immediately.


Overcome The Odds


All stories must have a conflict, and although it is important to focus on the climax of the conflict since it is the most important part of the journey, an ending in which the hero overcomes their troubles is the great one. You should know your last line in the story before you even begin.


Don’t Write To Please


Many writers will tell you that if you write purely to please your audience, then chances are it won’t be popular or very interesting. Readers want authenticity from their stories, and why should your life be any different?


Nothing Is Perfect


No story is perfect, and neither is anybody’s life. Our flaws, mistakes and tragedies only add more scope and depth to our stories, and is what makes them truly unique and interesting.


Without Loss There’s No Gain


In any good story we understand that the protagonists have reached their dreams and rewards, but only after overcoming many hardships and sacrifices. The most memorable stories, and lives, are those in which great risk is taken in order to achieve the greatest of rewards. Never be afraid to say yes.




Life can sometimes be incredibly serious and difficult, especially as we get older and encounter more and more responsibility. But life isn’t all doom and gloom, notice and be thankful for the little things, and you’ll begin to enjoy life a little more.


Practice Is Vital, But Not Everything


Practice makes perfect, as we have all heard numerous times throughout our lives. But sometimes it is possible to practice a little too much, leading to a stale and stiff performance or delivery. So take the time to practice, but don’t spend your whole story striving for an image of perfection.


Anger Has No Place


Venting out all your anger and irritations while storytelling is not great practice. We all have our issues to deal with, but leave them on the doorstep. Venting does not lead to inspiration or intrigue, it will only seclude you and cloud the true meaning of your story.


It’s Not Their Story


As a final point, remember that at the end of the day it will always be your story to tell. Other characters are important, vital even in the story, but other writers are not. Be brave enough to live your own life and make your own decisions, and then share your story with conviction. It will be much more authentic, and you will lead a much happier life. We promise.

You’re More Competent Than You Think

Studies conducted by David Dunning and Justin Kruger indicate that incompetent individuals are not able to evaluate their skills accurately. As a result, they mistakenly believe that they have outstanding abilities, just that everyone else doesn’t notice. On the other hand, the skilled ones have a tendency to underestimate their capabilities.


Based on the results of their research, they identified a cognitive bias that keeps the competent individuals unable to assess their true potential. One who doesn’t have faith in his abilities will act fearful in front of new challenges and will seek to stay away from unpredictable situations. As a result, he won’t be able to achieve success, nor to find out what true happiness is.

Now that you are fully aware of the fact that it has been scientifically proven that the most skillful are the least likely to acknowledge their remarkable talents, it’s time to put effort into getting out of the slump.

The impact on a professional level

We all dream of landing highly paid jobs, but they require a lot of dedication, hard work and skill. Even when we meet the job requirements, we are too afraid to apply for an interview because we are still unsure of whether we would be capable of performing the tasks or not.

Self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness are usually linked to painful past events, especially failures and rejection. When fear of failure sets in, someone cannot see things in perspective anymore. With an altered way of thinking, coming up with out of the box ideas is tough, so let go of insecurities and chase your dreams.

In addition, overthinking is another major issue that most skilled individuals have to deal with. It can prevent one from climbing the career ladder and also limit his creativity and ingenuity. The proper way to cope with such a fierce enemy is to identify the strengths you overlook upon.

The impact on a personal level

Self-growth will be affected negatively by not choosing to accept that you are really good at what you do. Ignoring your strong points can leave you struggling with low self-confidence. Social interaction will become harder, you will experience feelings of anxiousness and your romantic life will take a bad turn as well. Diminished social skills will hold you back from reaching your life goals.

Get the idea that success is achieved alone out of your head immediately. It’s a common misconception which has been debunked by dozens of individuals who achieved wealth and a high status. Being a people’s person truly matters.

What are the solutions?

Introspective writing is the ideal way to solve this problem. Write down everything that crosses your mind about past situations in which you proved your impressive skills. Striving to analyze objectively is a must, but probably the most important aspect you should keep in mind is to completely ignore what others said at that time. In a vast majority of cases, criticism is totally unfounded. Inevitably, you make some people jealous when you are proficient in a specific activity.

Make a list containing the most important moments in your life. It should cover life-changing decisions, places you’ve traveled to, education and basically every twist and turn. Reflect upon your experiences. If you’ve traveled a lot, it means that you explored other cultures thus expanded your horizons. If you embraced the unknown when you were at a crossroads, it indicates mental strength and a genuine desire to evolve. As you can see, your life might have been full of moments when you demonstrated competence and effectiveness, but you haven’t realized it until now.

Meditation is the ultimate stress relieving activity. Besides the obvious profound effects it has on one’s physical health, such as regulating blood pressure and reducing fatigue, practicing meditation on a regular basis can help him gain inner strength and clarity of thought. When you perform this activity, you free your mind of distractions, so you improve your judgements’ accuracy.

Everywhere you go, everything you do, you display your talents. Whether it’s the room you’ve redecorated by yourself or the valuable advice you gave to your best friend, you did something great. Therefore, stop underestimating yourself and take steps towards a more rewarding life.