People Who Cry Often Are Not Weak, But Mentally Stronger

Contrary to popular belief, crying is not a sign of weakness. It actually has multiple beneficial effects on one’s physical and mental wellbeing, from regulating blood pressure to relieving stress and anxiety. People who cry a lot are considered overly emotional and judged negatively by most individuals. But the truth is those who cry are more likely to achieve personal development. Let’s see why shedding some tears from time to time indicates mental toughness and how we can stay physically healthy by unleashing suppressed emotions through crying.



Crying is closely linked to being emphatic. Empathy is one’s capacity to put himself in another person’s position, which is a highly appreciated personality trait. From a practical point of view, developing this skill will increase one’s chances to land a better paid job, because big companies are interested in people who are able to see things from different angles.

Research demonstrated that reading fiction boosts empathy due to the fact that it makes one’s imagination flex like no other activity does. If you analyze closely a successful individual’s way of thinking, you will notice that his capacity for empathy is significantly higher than the average person’s.


A recent study determined that up to 90% of people who express their emotions through crying are happy individuals. Crying is definitely an instant mood booster. The scientific reason why crying makes us feel good is that toxins and hormones which build up due to prolonged stress, along with high quantities of manganese are flushed out through teardrops.

Physical effects

Long term emotional stress will take its toll on one’s overall physical health. Cardiovascular disorders, brain fatigue and many other stress-related diseases are linked to lasting psychological pain. Therefore, it’s in your advantage not to suppress the emotions caused by unfortunate past events.

On the other hand, the eyes’ good shape depends on staying lubricated. Tears prevent the eye from getting infected due to external factors. Teardrops contain lysozyme, a chemical also found in secretions like mucus and saliva, which is a powerful substance able to destroy bacterial pathogens.


Mentally strong people do not live up to society’s expectations. Nowadays, crying in public places, unless you go through an extremely sad situation, such as personal loss, is taboo. Stigmatizing those who cry in public is entirely wrong, because extra pressure is put on their shoulders when they are made fun of.

Those who are not ashamed of crying openly are models of strength because they are unwilling to conform to society’s standards. You should take note of their braveness if you’re struggling with low self-confidence. Surrounding yourself with people you admire will lead to a positive change in your own attitude and habits.


Tears rolling down one’s face are the ultimate proof of honesty. Being honest is a trait not so widespread these days, because most are willing to do anything in order to acquire wealth and power. People of integrity are intellectually mature and definitely reliable friends who won’t let you down no matter what you go through. They will share your suffering unconditionally.

Add color to life

You cannot truly live without experiencing both happiness and sadness. Whether it’s breakup, failure on a professional level or the loss of a loved one, you need to get over it. Crying helps you deal with grief and it’s a clear sign that you don’t run away from your problems, but you face them bravely.

The misconception that crying will fuel depression symptoms is deeply rooted in the minds of the majority. There is no compelling evidence that being tearful affects in a negative way one’s capacity to recover form sorrow. Obviously, in order to get out of the slump, those suffering from depression and other mental diseases should not waste their whole time crying, but rather trying to achieve self-discipline.

Bonus: Men do cry

Statistics indicate that men cry almost seven times less than women. They should do it more often. Men tend to react violently when they suppress their emotional pain for too long. They cause a lot of suffering to their loved ones, without even wanting to. Letting go of mental pressure through crying is the best remedy for curing aggressiveness.












101 Guide To Budgeting Your First Investments As A Freelancer

Just like working in an office, choosing to be a freelancer has its own pros and cons. It is very clear that you will have a higher level of freedom and discretion in determining when to work and when to do other things that are important in your lives. You can choose to pursue your hobby or to spend more time with your family or children but at the same time getting a steady income. However, starting out as a freelancer is not as easy as it seems. A freelancing career requires being great at applying the right strategies for success. Different strategies may work for someone but may not work for others. For that reason, here are some general tips to guide you to budget your first investments as a newbie freelancer:


Present All Your Skills And Passions

If you are inexperienced in the freelancing world, finding new clients and getting your name out to the public can be challenging. On that account, it is important for you to list down things that you like to do and things that you are actually good at before doing anything else. This will help you in finding the market and clients for what you can do. If you have absolutely zero idea on where to start, start by listing down the type of work that you like to do the most. If you still cannot decipher what kind of work that you would like to do, determine which kind of business that you would like to work at.


After your target market has been defined, you should set goals and deadlines to do things that are required to find new clients. This includes submitting bids for different projects if you enroll yourself in one of the freelancing platforms available online as well as actually reaching out different businesses which can use your service if you decide to freelance offline. Find out which person is more likely to be able to make the decision to give you job offers. In a small company or business this usually would be the owner. In a larger company setting, it will usually be the director. Be optimistic throughout the whole process; do not be let down if you have not received any response or job offers.


Be mindful that you should also be able to prove a solid work quality when you present your skills to potential employers. This requires you to be equipped with sample work, case studies or even a demo of what your work actually looks like. A potential employer should have a clear idea of what to expect. In some cases it is also useful for you to provide them with your detailed resume or curriculum vitae if you happen to have a certification for your skills. It is all about proving how great your skills really are.


Start With Projects That Are Free


When you apply for various online freelancing platforms available on the internet, you may realize that some projects require a certain qualification to be fulfilled and fulfilling those qualifications may not be free. If you are completely new to the business, it is advised that you only choose with projects which are free to avoid useless overspending in the beginning. Some writing jobs may require you to complete the basic United States or United Kingdom English test, where more complicated jobs require you to pass some mathematical and statistics tests. Starting out in the freelancing world is tough, and it is better for you to be really sure that you will make money worthy of your spending instead of just spending on lots and lots of qualifications without actually getting a job in the future.


In addition, the suggestion to start with projects that are free is also applicable if you choose to freelance offline. Some employers require you to have a certain certification or to have undergone some official training in order for you to be hired at their place. If you are not really sure that this job will definitely be given to you, you may consider not to follow their order and search for other work alternatives. If working as a freelance graphic designer at a big company requires you to have a degree in graphic design, it may be best for you to offer your service to smaller businesses when you have not fulfilled such criteria. Remember that certification is not the only way to achieve success.


Complete Useful Tests Or Trainings


When you have already obtained several jobs in your hand, you may feel the need to develop into something more sophisticated which pays a higher salary compared to the work niche that you currently have already settled into. This is where you may want to spend a portion of your money for taking various tests, trainings or certifications which you know can help boost your job portfolio as well as your employability. If you are freelancing in the creative or writing industry, certifications may not be that essential and you can continue building your name without having to purchase for one. However, obtaining relevant certification is definitely an option for freelancers who work in the IT field which includes programming, web developing and graphic designing jobs.


Completing various skills tests is also beneficial if you are freelancing through the online freelancing platforms. After you have completed the relevant tests, you will be able to unlock more and more projects with higher level of difficulty and complication which in turn may bring in a higher salary. The available skills tests aim to certify your skills as a potential employee to your potential employers. You will be distinguished from other uncertified applicants and as a result you will have a higher possibility of winning project bids.


Most of the time, certifications are not required by your potential clients. Nevertheless, companies and businesses will prefer to work with certified professionals since it will bring evidently higher qualification, skill and reliability to the table. Even when the employers do not require any certification, you are more likely to be hired if you are certified. Certification makes you stand out better than other candidates while at the same time it presents you as a more expert professional. Some companies even require a degree for certain job positions. However, you should not instantly think that you need a college degree in order to get a higher paying job. There are various specialized training short courses which you can be part of in order to make your resume more impressive and convincing. As a conclusion, carefully measure your current background and skills and then decide whether or not this set of skills and background can get you to the position that you aim to be at. If it is not enough, then it may be better for you to be certified.


Focus On Only One Or Two Freelance Online Sites


If you are new to the freelancing industry, there is a great chance that you are giving it a try through a freelance bidding site, such as Upwork, Freelancer, Guru and the likes. These types will provide you with a list of projects which are available to be done. These sites also utilize a bidding system in which you bid for certain projects and then wait for the clients to review your proposal and eventually hire you if you fulfill the criteria. Despite having its pros and cons, if you choose to find jobs through these freelance online bidding sites there are some things that you should keep in mind. Since these bidding sites are time consuming especially at the beginning, you should only focus on one. If you really feel that you can manage the time well, then you can register to maximum two freelance online bidding sites. Take note that you will have to fulfill all your personal details, verify your payment methods, take skill tests to certify that you are good at what you are doing, obtain good reviews, and so on and so forth. That being said, if you choose to register to multiple sites without focusing on one or two, you will end up losing a huge amount of time with a very small chance of success. Once you have started, you should also limit your time in bidding and searching for the right projects. Newcomers tend to spend so much time online in front of the computer especially if all of their bids were not accepted by the clients.


If your work is related to designing or building up a software, it will be helpful for you to establish your own site so that clients can directly visit it when they want to see your work sample. It may be the case that you will be getting clients outside of the bidding sites once you are successful in completing several tasks. Therefore, starting your own freelance business is also an option. At the end of the day, it may be true that most of the projects in these freelance online bidding sites pay surprisingly low wage with a very high level of competition. However, to each their own and you should find out what is best for you.


10 Habits Everyone Should Start Practicing Before Turning 30


I have officially reached halfway of my 30’s last month. In my 20’s and early years of my 30’s, there are a lot of life lessons learned. It is either the easy or hard way. There are so many life lessons I learned during my 30’s that are pretty much impossible to learn when I was still in my 20’s. How I just wished that I have understood just a half of this lesson sooner.


Below are the top 10 habits which are definitely beneficial if you learn it before you turn 30. Trust me, is doing it now before it’s all too late.


Control Your Finances


Turning 30 means that you are already financially literate and you have a good grasp at your expenses. Take time in investing in things which will be worth your time.


Self-Acceptance In Every Aspect


Being a self-expert is an important key in order for you to begin to accept, as well as, love yourself. I would recommend that you devote most of your time to self-discovery during your 20’s. When I was at the age of 22, I did not even have a strong urge to discover what I really want until I was 30. Self-acceptance is important in order for you to avoid different and a lot of bad decisions. In order to truly accept yourself, it is first important to know your traits and how you react to things which surround you. As long as you understand and possess a good grasp of who you want to include in your life or what things or traits you want to include such as your quirks, strengths, and other potential shortcomings, you will make correct decisions that will suit you best. These things should not be disregarded since it will affect different areas of your life like your relationship with other people, lifestyle, and career.




Forgiveness will always set you free. Having a grudge on someone will only drag you down.


Inner Critic


You have to start paying attention at the messages which people are saying to you. Once you heard those messages and criticism, make sure to keep those inner critic attitude drown. Never drown yourself with negative thoughts, instead, turn those negative thought to a positive one. Do not ever forget to compliment yourself. By doing this, you will be able to boost up your confidence.


What Actually Matters, Really Matters


Choose your decisions wisely. Never be in a hurry to decide. Determine the consequences of your acts before doing anything stupid. Remember that everything has its side effects.


Make Your Habits Free From Stress


When you turn 30, you will come to realize that growing up is not easy. You need to deal things with utmost confidence and professionalism. Being an adult means that you already know how to deal with the different stress you experience in your life. Knowing how to deal with the stressors of life will create a massive difference in your life. It will make you feel happy and satisfied.


Try to experiment on the different stress relievers and determine which of those experiments work best for you.


Ability To Tolerate Your Companion


Being an adult does not necessarily mean that you have to be alone, sometimes, it only means that you are able to get your companions to do things what you want them to do. Just make sure that you are in the right path.


Just Give, Don’t Expect


Every adult knows that giving does not always mean that you will receive something. You should know by that time that expecting anything in return will do you no good. Giving something altruistically can help you feel better. It can even change your view in life. Most people who turned 30 also believe in the law of attraction. Helping others, either by lending a helping hand, giving encouragement, or giving emotional support, will give you an altruistic feeling or great things will soon come your way.


Healthy Relationships


Create healthy relationships because relationships sometimes define someone. The kind of relationship you have will make you a better person.


Stand Your Ground


Correct decisions will make it easier for you to stand your grounds since you know that you are in the right place. Also, whenever you have a passion and you know that you will succeed in it, Go For It!



Things That You Should Do To Fall Back In Love With Yourself

There are many people who feel inferior and unloved. They have feelings of depression and dejection and even have reservations about their identity and their purpose in life. They feel so insignificant that they are truly convinced that it doesn’t matter to anyone whether they exist or not. The view one has of oneself is of fundamental importance because it affects the attitude you have towards life and whether you will be successful or not. There are some things that you can do which will help you start liking yourself again.

Never try to be anybody else – it is futile to copy the personality of somebody else. If you are suffering from a low self-esteem, you are in danger of trying to emulate someone else. Simply be yourself. Live with the assurance that, within your limitations, you can make the most of what you are.

Don’t always strive for perfection. Do your best, and if it isn’t perfect don’t be hard on yourself. Be satisfied that you did your best. Learn to cope with your imperfections, because only when you have learnt to cope with them, do you find inner peace.

Get Up and Do Something

Start a new hobby – maybe you don’t like yourself because you’ve got used to sitting around doing nothing. You can’t contribute anything interesting to a conversation, because you don’t do anything. If you like cycling or swimming for instance, join a club and become good at it. You’ll meet like-minded people who you can talk to and you’ll love the new fit and healthy person that starts emerging from good outdoor activities.

Have more confidence in yourself. When asked to perform a simple task., don’t refuse because you are convinced you’re incapable. It is the recipe for an unhappy and unfulfilled life. What you believe in yourself if what you allow yourself to be. Don’t always expect failure, take up the challenge rather and you’ll get to appreciate the new confidence you start developing.

A Different Kind of Companion

Check out an animal shelter and see if they could use some help with the care they give abandoned animals. There are many organizations crying out for help with the work they do rescuing and rehabilitating abused and abandoned animals. Offer to do some fundraising for them and collect blankets, food, water- and food bowls. You certainly gain love by giving it.
Learn to curb your tongue, as careless and irresponsible words can have far-reaching effects. Think carefully before you talk or else be willing to put up with being known as a troublemaker and stirrer. You’ll start liking yourself far more if you take the time to listen to what other people are saying. Offer helpful advice instead of blurting out unkind words that can cause negative and unpleasant results.


Start meeting life with conviction that you are your own person, somebody totally unique. Don’t try to be someone else, and if you start serving others and making your life more interesting, you’ll start having peace of mind and actually liking yourself.

7 Things To Remember To Not Have Any Regrets When You Die

If there is one thing that we all have in common, it’s that we’re all going to die. There is no escaping it, so if possible it’s best not to worry or fret about it. However it is important to live life to the full, and to try and minimise the amount of regrets you have when you finally reach the end of your rope. So what follows are a few things to try and remember to keep those end of life regrets to a minimum.


I Love You


First of all, always make sure to never leave your friends, loved ones and relatives for a long period of time without explaining how much you love them. This is always a common regret people express on their death beds, as people feel they didn’t tell people enough or didn’t say it with enough passion or feeling. So always remember to say I love you before you leave.


Don’t Take People For Granted


This is a common problem, and one you have probably experienced a few times yourself. We never really appreciate people and realise how much we loved them until they have left. Kids leaving the nest, breaking up with partners, friends moving away and so on. You don’t want numerous memories of people and times that you loved tainted with regrets that you sometimes didn’t truly appreciate them as much as you should have.


Be You


Do what makes you smile and whatever makes you happy. Forget what others may think, or what they might say because your life is yours to live and yours to enjoy however you see fit. Personal dreams, goals and ambitions are yours to fulfil while you have the time. Otherwise be prepared to have a heap of regrets later on.


Do Good


Compassion and empathy are what truly personifies us as human beings, and displays how we feel towards our fellow man. If you see somebody upset or in need, friend or stranger, then be compassionate and caring and try to help them however you can. This way you will remember your life as being filled with good deeds and compassionate actions, we are here to be caring towards others.


Be Charitable


Following on from the previous point, you will always feel that you should have done more for others when you are reaching the end. You can however try to minimise that feeling as much as possible. As well as being compassionate for others, you should also try and be charitable. Doing or providing something for someone in more need than you are is a great feeling for them as well as you, and this will leave you more peaceful as you pass.


Explore Your Dreams


Now more than ever the world has evolved in a way that is so incredibly easy for anyone from anywhere to able to be who they want to be and to accomplish whatever they imagine. Past restrictions have all but gone, so now there is no reason not to follow your dreams, despite what others may think of these. It’s your life and they will only be your regrets, at the end of the day.


Be Bold


Finally, don’t be happy waltzing through life in your little bubble of comfort zone. Although it seems familiar and warm, this is another huge regret portrayed by people when they pass. Step out of your comfort zone more often, who knows where it may take you. Be bold and conquer your fears, take opportunities that present themselves, and these will be less things that you ponder over as you die.

Thoughts From Successful People To Help You Keep the Faith

When you seem to lose hope and lacking of faith, you need something or someone to trigger your motivation back and excite the life out of you. However you must keep in mind that all success and happiness at the end of the story went through a rigorous process of hard work.


Here are some thoughts uttered by various successful people to help you to get back up when something brings you down:

Albert Einstein

A German-born theoretical physicist, or basically the most renowned scientist in the whole wide world, had been through a lot of struggles and hard times during his time as a scientist. A lot of his famous quotes can be your source of motivation at the time of your need. You can also find inspirations from his journey. Even though you may not be able to develop the general theory of relativity which later becomes the base of modern physics, but you too can achieve greatness like Einstein but in your own way.


One of the most unique American rapper there is Eminem- is a living proof that in order to achieve success, you must work extremely hard and a lot of times, life still does not go your way. Telling the story of his life through his famous quotes in such a direct and honest way, reading through Eminem’s famous sayings will get you back up without complaining or crying about things any longer. Whether it is about love, success, money or health, Eminem has had it all.

Michelle Obama

Being a lady to one of the most important man in the whole world does not make Michelle Obama to be less inspirational. A loving mother, a smart woman and generally an amazing human being, Michelle Obama always encourages people and women to achieve their success through her inspirational sayings. A true evidence of how love, strength, power and elegance can be achieved by just one person, Michelle Obama is never shy to advocate people to do better regardless of what your background may be.

Steve Jobs

An American modern tech entrepreneur. One of Apple’s giant empire founding fathers, and unbeknownst to a lot of people, CEO and largest shareholder of Pixar. Obtaining success is not easy, and Steve Jobs had perfectly captured his success through his famous quotes which you can read and repeat in order to fire up the motivation that you initially had at the beginning. Follow through his ways of inventive and visionary thinking to get you through the difficult times of your life.

William Shakespeare

Probably the most famous poet in English literature, Shakespeare’s soft yet romantic words may bring back the motivation that you had at the beginning. Read through his melodious words and you will be able to laugh again at gilded butterfly while taking upon the mystery of things as if you were God’s spies. For those of you who are into poetries and sophisticated phrases, reading through William Shakespeare’s quotes about life and success may work for you better than reading modern day advices.


Sometimes You Just Need A Bit Of Motivation

We tend to make ambitious plans, but we get distracted by little things, blinded by fears and insecurities, so we don’t manage to stick to them. Maybe today you are extremely motivated to put in all the hard work, but when immediate results don’t show up, the motivation slowly fades away with each passing day. And a few weeks later you are back at square one. Sounds familiar, right?


In order to break this vicious cycle, you need to get rid of specific habits and follow a series of strict rules. Even the most successful individuals have moments of weakness when they get into a slump and it seems like there’s no escape. But somehow, they find the mental strength to get over that bad phase and pursue their goals with a lot more energy and determination. Let’s see what’s needed in order to become one of them.

Change your attitude

Positivity is the key. Sometimes it is just easier said than done, but don’t let yourself overwhelmed by negativity. Try to focus on the bright side of things. When they encounter failure, most people act like it’s the end of the road for their plans. In fact, failure is always a blessing in disguise. The proper way to deal with it is to take a deep breath and watch the big picture. When you fail you are given a great opportunity to analyze thoroughly what went wrong and fix the flaws in your strategy.

In addition, we are affected by people around us in a way or another. Surrounding yourself with open-minded, positive thinking people will have a great impact on your own attitude. There are online communities that are glad to share their experiences and to provide valuable advice to those interested in getting rid of the tendency to focus on the negative.

Take it easy

If you concentrate on many goals at once, the chances are you will fail. The desire to accomplish as much as possible within a short period of time is natural, but definitely not the way to go. We are simply not designed to take on so much mental pressure, so it’s best to channel all your energy into one major goal.

Tell others what you’re up to

We are always concerned with what other people think of us, whether it’s physical appearance or our integrity. A person who breaks his word is not worth trusting, which can have serious consequences as far as the social relationships are concerned.

If you commit publicly, it is more likely to go the extra mile to reach your goals. Your honor and integrity is at stake.

Stick to it

The first steps are always the hardest. The beginning is the part where most get stuck. Willpower decreases steadily when one is faced with all sorts of obstacles.

For instance, committing to health goals seems to be a major problem for most because the old habits are so deeply rooted that they can’t be broken all at once. Start small instead. During the first week you should work out in the morning for only 5 to 10 minutes. Once you get used to this routine, increase the time spent exercising gradually. Sooner than you think your brain will regard workout sessions as a top priority and not as something auxiliary.

Next time you lack the gumption to engage in those activities that are supposed to get you closer to your goals, do not hesitate to ask for help. Talking about it with someone, whether an online community member or an old friend, will boost your mood for sure.



8 Little Changes You Should Make Now For Your Lifelong Success


Have you ever wondered on those life-long dreams that you have been keeping in mind for a while but have not done anything about in the past years? Stop wandering around and check out these changes that you should make to start planning your life-long success and happiness:


Chase Your Life-Long Dream

Most people, if not all, have life-long goals. Some people dream of having a big mansion before they turn 60, some other aim to write a memoir or to start their own business empires. However, a lot of people are letting other demands take priority and they end up selling their dreams short. Start working on it now instead of letting it goes down the drain.


Exercise Regularly

As what the healthy lifestyle advocates have been telling you on TV and social media, exercise has numerous benefits. It helps to control your weight. It triggers the release of endorphins and therefore improves your overall mood. It fights diseases and prevents other health issues from developing. Exercise is a change you should commit to for the rest of your life, and therefore if you do not really like it stick to the exercise type that you really enjoy doing.


Find Your Passion

Discovering what your passions and values are will benefit you in the path of living a happy and successful life. Finding what your passions truly are can be difficult, and if you really do not have any idea you can start with a piece of paper and write down what your priorities are in life. You can also write what your definition of success is, and from there you can start to establish your long-term goal to achieve those terms of success that you wrote.


Keep On Learning

Regardless of how much you have learnt during your school years, the world is filled with things that you have not yet known about. Aim to learn something new every day, and this can enhance your knowledge as well as opening your mind through giving you insights of new perspectives.


Love Yourself

Even though it is extremely easy to compare yourself to so many amazing people in the world, you need to love yourself and stop paying attention on how those people are doing. Your own goals need to be your priority, and you are in a commitment with yourself to achieve those goals rather than in a competition to surpass those people’s achievements. By focusing on your own goals, you will be more relaxed and happy and therefore you will achieve your life-long success much easier.


Prioritize Saving Money

One most important change that will affect the possibility of achieving your lifelong success is to prioritize saving money. You cannot predict what comes next in life, and therefore it is vital to set aside some money for emergency. Even when you are lucky and the money remains unused, you can use them as part of your retirement plan.


Record Your Life Memories

To be successful includes appreciation of the good things that you have in life. As a result, it is important to record your memories in the events where there have been great happiness throughout your period of living. This will be beneficial when you are older as you will be able to relive your memories. This is also useful for you now, as it may motivate you to go through a difficult time or after a tough day.


Sleep Consistently and Make It a Habit

With a lot of workload to be done before Friday, or simply due to the existence of Netflix, a lot of people seem to stay up late during the weekdays and get their revenge sleep during the weekends. This is actually bad for your body. Oversleeping will reset your sleeping cycle, leaving you to be tired and less productive during the day compared to when you actually get up and sleep at a similar time every day. There are many benefits of having a consistent sleeping pattern, so you may want to try to have one right now.


Science Says It’s More Than How You Look that Makes You Attractive

Physical beauty is definitely more than just being attractive. Attractiveness can be a magnetic force that will have the ability to pull people together and connect them with others who have different attitudes or flaws. It is more likely to contribute in spontaneous gatherings. Most people even say that attractiveness is not all about attracting what you want; it is more focused on attracting others with the same color and shape as you. Because of this fact, people tend to change who they are, just to fit in. Instead of doing this, Science even suggests that the most important thing to do is to develop your own personality and engage in deeper conversations with other individuals.




Engaging in sports can not only strengthen your body and mind; it can also strengthen your relationships with other people. You get to bond with them and have fun at the same time. Researchers from the University of Alaska have conducted a 2014 study with regards to this matter and the research showed that people who normally take risks when it comes to sports and life and considered to have the attractive trait. These risks may involve sports like deep sea scuba diving, mountain biking, and other extreme sports.




A 2014 study showed that most people prefer to listen to music which is more complicated in structure and style and longer relationships seem to develop. Numerous people use music as a tool for different expressions and emotions. The personality of an individual may even be known depending on the kind of music he or she listens to. Thus, you can start looking for your best genre and use it as a tool to express your emotions and connect with other people.




This is one of the most important traits that one must possess if he or she wants to be attractive. People who are confident are more likely to develop a good sense of humor and a good sense of humor can attract people and long relationships. That iota of fear of not fitting into a group can surely make you boring. You need to develop that confidence and speak out your mind so that you will be able to relate with someone else. Studies even show that people are more likely to be attracted by those individuals who can make them laugh and build up a good topic of conversation.


Deeper Conversations


A study way back in 1997 showed that individuals who normally ask deeper questions are those people who can easily connect with other individuals. Some may even fall in love with each other. Through this conversation, you will be able to develop your personality and understand better the personalities of other people.




Most people say that to be more attractive you need to have an availability trait. How can you even be attractive to other people if you don’t have time to chat or connect with them? When you are always busy doing those tons of office work, you will definitely fall into the unattractive or loner group for the rest of your life. Although it is important to focus on your goals and work hard for it, you need to bear in mind that you always need to rest and relate with other human beings instead of just sitting in front of your computer.


Good Friends


Being attractive is not a one-way effort. Having great friends can also come in handy. The right kind of friends can even help you boost your confidence, give you a good choice of music, accompany you in your sports escapade, and the like. Being attractive is not only focused on developing your personality, it is also crucial to surround yourself with great friends.


Fight The Voices Of Despair And Win

Despair in literal sense means losing hope or simply without hope. This word has brought that nostalgic element around where I can recall my school song which taught us to never despair. We are human beings and we are never immune to thoughts which are negative, there are thoughts of despair which lead us towards darkness and tell us to believe in the demonic sides of life. These thoughts break us from within and do not let us concentrate on building a better future. In a few days of time we tend to get accustomed to such thoughts and choose to live a life which has lack of energy and positivity. One such thought of despair which maximum of is go through is getting a physically stronger and fitter.


Something or the other provokes us to not to work on our physical selves, we immediately want to shrug off the idea of going out to the gym or a fitness center. These voices create an illusion in our minds where sleeping and having junk food looks attractive. What we need to do is fight these voices out of our minds so that we can plan a healthy and active tomorrow.

One of the most common sentences that you come across is “health is wealth”, but then people tend to forget it. We are so very busy with our lives that we rather choose to procrastinate the idea of joining a gym and shedding those extra calories. There is one more problem which the newer generation is facing and that is the love for junk food and television. In many of the homes you will find children sticking to their televisions and having junk food like chips, pastries, child drinks etc.

The other common problems that we see these days include sleeping late at night and then waking up late and finding some or the other reason for not working out or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All of these problems are associated with that one negative voice in our heads which tells us not to go out, it gives us every reason to stay inactive and it will only teach us to lead a life of a pessimist.

The only way to tackle this problem is by fighting back. One needs to use his determination and spirit to nullify these voices from coming in. One needs to introspect and motivate himself to get up and go out to make himself healthier than ever. Each and every time when somebody tells you not to do it, show that person hundred reasons why you want to do it. Join a gym or a fitness center of your choice and make it a point of being regular. Your bed might call you to stay back but that is when you need to get up and go. In the first few days you might not find it easy or you might not find it any useful, but with time you will realize how good a decision you have taken by deciding to see yourself fitter. A fit person does not lack anywhere in life.

Today things are very hectic and important but if you are not fit then it will be difficult for you to manage them properly. The voices of despair will drown as and when you decide to get stronger. The power of positivity has the capacity to take a person to greater heights and success.