A Simple Plan to Start Reading More

Some things just make life more fascinating and intriguing, and books and reading are just one. Unlike with a television series where you are fed images, books allow you to create images – people’s faces, their homes and surroundings the way you want. Reading takes you on awesome journeys to far off places, a book keeps you busy while waiting in a reception room, it’s a companion for when you’re lonely, and reading simply takes you on a world trip of discovery.

But how, in this frantic, hectic world, do you actually find the time to read? Most of us have got books in our homes which we’ve never read. Many of us belong to libraries but never take books out.

Don’t Read Certain Books Just to ‘Appear’ Intellectual

One of the first reasons that people aren’t reading is that there is this notion that you have to be reading intellectual books. Books often become conversation pieces at social gatherings, and many people like to make out as if frivolous books are for the less intelligent. These same people will rather battle through an 800 page historical novel just to appear intelligent. They are bored and disenchanted as they describe the book.

Love what You Read!

Books need to be sheer escapism and relaxation in today’s world. Reading is about utter enjoyment. Read for fun and you’ll take weeks to read a book instead of taking months to get through an intellectual book that is boring an uninspiring. If everyone is reading the latest title that doesn’t appeal to you, don’t read it. Get reading a book on something that you love, and you’ll look forward to reading. You’ll find out what an awesome deviation it is from a restless world.

Get Started….Slowly
Another simple tip to get you back into the habit of reading is to take things slowly. We all lead busy lives, but taking just a little bit of time out for some pleasure and rest is therapeutic for us. Don’t plan on reading 2 chapters each day, but commit to something attainable like just one chapter each day or at least just one chapter in bed before retiring for the night.

People who love reading books will tell you that you can’t find a better, more affordable form of entertainment. You’ll find a host of new friends and experiences within the pages. Sometimes people who have made news write an auto-biography and then it can be fascinating to read about them. Fact or fiction – you simply choose what you like – after all, that’s what makes reading so utterly irresistible – you’re escaping into a world that fascinates and enthralls you.

Give Your Kids the Chance to Love Books

If you’ve got young kids, its only fair that you read to them, just to at least give them the opportunity to experience the wonder of reading later on. Some books are fun, some are serious, some are disturbing and thought-provoking and others are wildly entertaining – but books and reading are a delightful way to complement leisure hours.


Remains of the Day: Android Malware Spreading in Europe

Many people say that something is about to go rotten in the famous state of Denmark. Most of the Danish researchers discovered or revealed to the public that there are pesky Android malware which is spreading throughout Europe. Android malware is normally found in text messages. Hence, you should never give your trust to any friendly link being sent to your mobile.


A certain Danish security firm lately discovered that a malware is found on Android mobiles which can spread by means of a text message appearing to be a friendly and harmless links. The Danish security firm estimated that there is about 100,000 mobiles being affected by this malware, primarily in the country of Denmark. Just like before, you should continue on remembering not to open any links which are too friendly and harmless. Once you are suspicious about the messages which are texted or sent to you by some unknown source, refuse opening it and delete immediately the message.


There is this so-called Periscope, a live-streaming app, which is made available to help you when you are in need. It added a tiny yet fun and worth it feature which is a subtle daylight curve so that you will be able to witness the sunset and sunrise when you need some help.




With Cablevision, every subscriber is given the opportunity to stream the CBS anywhere they wish. Before, Cablevision subscribers can only stream each channel whenever they have their home Wi-Fi. If you already have a television at home, it will make things quite superfluous.




Few people only know how helpful an Everalbum app can offer. You may not even know that an Everalbum exist which is created as a photo management application. However, despite of this, Everalbum is still gaining popularity around the globe. It is already made available to Android mobiles. Everalbum is somehow similar to Google photos wherein it helps you unite, as well as, recognize all your photos in a single place.




Scribd has been existing for several years and it is now adding a sheet music to the ebook subscription service ($8.99) it offers. This is only one of the few additions it offers to its subscribers. According to trip Adler, CEO, Scribd’s sheet music may sometimes be charming or peculiar; however, it is usually searched for on the subscription service.


The SMS messages of Android malware in question normally contain a link which claims to be a sort of a multimedia message. When you click this link, you will immediately be prompt to go to the link and download a malicious or suspicious Android application package. The usually text message y will receive would look something like: You received a message from (country code with a sender number) follow the link in order to view the message. Once you fall in this trap and once you have installed it, it will gain administrator rights which allows the attacker to read text messages, monitor calls, erase all the data, and other things the attacker wants to do. Just be alert and make sure never fall in their trap.