Gain a Competitive Advantage With Social Analysis Tools

On this new era of virtual technology where social media and other web development sites are ever evolving, going out your way by creating original content and advertisements as a way for your viewers to stay in touch with you online, has over the years grown to be a challenge for everyone. Right now, it is an essential part of advertising for brands both in big and undersized companies. A well maintained online social media site can well be a deciding factor to your business!


Hello and welcome everyone! This is Zeal Howen once again bringing you a view on how to gain a more competitive advantage by using Social Analysis tools! Let’s begin!

  1. Facebook Analyzers


  • BuzzSumo – first in our list is BuzzSumo, this site has a handful of tools that you can purchase for free or for a purchase price. One of its more important tools that you can use is its Facebook Page Analysis. You can use this tool to get a thorough assessment between your own Facebook page and that of other competitors. This tool gives you an option to add a whole list of pages to evaluate side by side, enabling you to get access on various pages at the same time.
  • Fanpage Karma– This tool, Fanpage Karma, also gives its users a free version of its services. The free version is easy to use and it includes a feature that allows you to check your page and those of your competitors.
  • LikeAlyzer – The next is this tool, this tool is somewhat more unique than the others because it offers something other tools don’t, and that is real explanations. The tool would actually tell you if your site is a little weak in a given area, it tells you exactly is lacking in that area and shows you on how you can improve it. if you want to compare your page to other competitors, just have a page of that competitor analyzed.


  1. Tools for Twitter
  • Twitonomy – Now for those people out there that just love to use Twitter, here is the app for you. Twitonomy is an Easy to use and very detailed, program (Twitonomy) that combines all the systematic data you require into one report dashboard. With this you can follow both your opponent and your own page, so you can always keep track on its activities. In addition, you can get insights on a whole lot from your twitter followers’ wants and desires to your own expansion.


  • Tweetdeck – Next on the list is Tweetdeck, thisis a free tool and is one of the finest Twitter Tools around. With this you can keep an eye on a number of accounts and keywords through personalized boards.

Well if you are not an enthusiast of desktop apps, don’t worry; here are some tools you can use to find a substitute.

  1. Analysis Tools
  • Cyfe – This is a versatile advertising dashboard which is the most prominent social analysis tool used today. With Cyfeyou can position a different dashboard to pay attention to your competitors by means of the following widgets:
  • Google Plus search
  • Google alerts
  • Twitter search

With its cheap paid version, you can insert an infinite number of widgets for numerous competitors and dissimilar search inquiry. With a bit of luck you probably you’ve heard about Cyfe and arranged your business with at most the 5 free widgets they offer.

  • Klear – Part viable investigation tool, part analyzing software, Klearis probably one of the more complex of tools on this directory. The program is aimed to supply information on advertising which is immense for Twitter users. Nothing like other free campaign apps, Klear gives its main features for you exclusive of having to upgrade or buy their premium service.
  • SEMRush – and finally, SEMrush afreshly added Analysis Tool that permits you to evaluate your social media sites with the pages of your foremost competitors. The greatest part: you can put up weekly information to be emailed to you, in order for you to keep track your development against your competitors.

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