Get More Out of Your Museum Experience by Avoiding “Museum Fatigue”

Going to museums is not that fun and enjoyable if you have to spend most of your time inside the museum itself. To make it more fun and enjoyable, what you need to do is to spend lesser time inside of the museum and spread it out in some other time so that you can avoid museum fatigue. According to Jeremy Anderberg of the famous Art of Manliness, the so-called museum fatigue is something like a phenomenon which normally occurs after you have been exploring and viewing a museum for several hours. This is why Jeremy Anderberg recommends to most people who are visiting the museum that they should only spend a few hours inside the museum. It is highly recommended that one should take several visits instead of just one so that you can really experience and absorb the things and knowledge which the museum offers.


Below are just some of the tips which can use so as to avoid museum fatigue during your trip.


Purchase Tickets Ahead Of Time


When you are on a trip, you should always remember that when you have “visit the museum” schedule on your itinerary, purchasing your tickets ahead of time will give you more time to choose and fix your schedule. Purchasing your tickets, especially online, ahead of time or before you leave the comfort of your home will help you avoid the hassle of long lines just to purchase a ticket. You can even avoid any sticker shock when you buy your tickets online. However, you must bear in mind that when you purchase tickets online, the downside here is that you will have to incur expenses on the processing few which would probably cost you a few dollars. It’s between comfort or convenience and spending a few dollars, it is your choice.


Avoid Crowded Times


When you are planning to have a museum experience, it is probably best that you should visit the museum or purchase tickets during the dates which are not the most crowded times. You should remember not to purchase tickets with dates falling on a weekend since this is the busiest times. Most families go to museums during weekends since it is the only time that the family is complete without any worries about work or school. In order to avoid museum fatigue, it is highly recommended that you should avoid the most crowded times so that you can fully experience and take in whatever knowledge the museum can offer.


Plan Every Detail


In order to avoid museum fatigue, you can plan every detail that you can and fix the time and date to visit the museum. Divide the portions or alleys of the museum so that you won’t miss and portion of the museum. Aside from avoiding museum fatigue by spending less time inside and going back another time or day, you will be able to fully absorb and feel the real museum experience without any stress or fatigue. By planning every detail you can think of, you can also find discounts on your tickets; see special exhibits, programming, and other events. You can even ask for a guided tour so that you won’t be getting a hard time on which way you need to proceed.


No one can deny the fact that there are museums which can be very intimidating. There are even museums which are frequently sprawling and expensive. This is why Emilee Richardson of the Science Center of Iowa gave the above-mentioned tips to maximize your museum visit. The most important tip so that you can avoid museum fatigue, intimidation, or hassle in visiting museums is that you should plan ahead of time.




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